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The Beacon Theatre is located in New York. The address of the theatre is 2124 Broadway and the phone number to contact the theatre is (212) 595-5841.

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Q: Where is the Beacon Theater located?
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How big is the Beacon Theater?

The Beacon Theater is owned by Warner Brothers Entertainment and is located on Broadway in New York City. There are also 2,829 seats inside of the Beacon Theater.

Is the Beacon Theater located in New York City or Los Angeles?

The Beacon Theater is located in New York City. It is located in the Upper West Side and is located on Broadway and 74th Street. Hopefully this clears up your confusion.

Where in the United States is The Beacon located?

There are many, many areas in the United States with the title "The Beacon". There are hotels, cities and insurance companies with the name "Beacon" in their titles. The Beacon, a Kansas City tavern, is located in Kansas City, MO. The Beacon Theater is located in Manhattan, NY. The Beacon Drive-in is located in Spartanburg, SC.

What is the address for the Beacon Theater in the Midwest Region?

It appears that the Beacon Theater is located in New York at 2134 Broadway. It was used as a movie theater in 1934 but was originally built in art deco style as a vaudeville house.

What is the duration of Live at the Beacon Theater?

The duration of Live at the Beacon Theater is 1.03 hours.

When was Live at the Beacon Theater created?

Live at the Beacon Theater was created on 2011-12-10.

What is beacon theater?

Beacon Theater is a historic site located in New York City. it is known for showcasing iconic singers, dancers and plays. There is also an off site copy in another city. To find out more information about the Theater, please contact your local travel agent.

What year did the beacon theater open?


When were one direction in beacon theater?

in 2012

Comedy tour that included a performance at the beacon theater in ny?

Here and Now

Where is the Beacon Historical Society in Beacon New York located?

The address of the Beacon Historical Society is: Po 89, Beacon, NY 12508-0089

How many people does the beacon theater hold?

a little bit over 2800 people