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Where is the CPS crank case position sensor in a 97 Chrysler Sebring?


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2011-03-14 23:01:33
2011-03-14 23:01:33
Mine's a '98 Sebring Convertible 2.5L V6I just changed the Crankcase Position Sensor (CKP) on my 98 Sebring Convertible w/ 2.5L V-6 this afternoon. I tried to follow a Haynes manual, but it was wrong for the convertible. This V-6 has a very hard to find/hard to reach CKP - it is directly under the Distributor, about 4 inches below, inwards toward the Transaxle "bell". Almost dead-center in the back of the engine.

The manual said to take the battery out first (which I did), but that only opened a path to see it about 2' away. After about 30 minutes of hunting, I realized I had to take the Air Filter and the air manifold that runs to the engine. After that, I had to take off the horn assembly to gain very, very limited access to wedge an extended ratchet into the bowels of the engine. I think the same socket that undid the horn assembly fit the CKP nut. It took 10 minutes to undo the bolt a couple ratchet clicks at a time, at least 15 to get the thing to wiggle out, probably 15 minutes to unconnect, reconnect, and snap back to the fram the wire harness, and at least another 10 minutes to ratchet the bolt back in click by click.

Now I know why they say shops charge $500 in to do this - I think they must take the entire engine out... Very painstaking job that requires patience and precision... but quite satisfying to finish it yourself.

Everything explained above is spot on but there is an extremally easy way to remove the bolt on the CPS. Remove the front left tire then remove the plastic inner fender liner. You'll have a straight shot at the bolt (10 mm on my 97) but you will need 30 inches of extension to reach it. Once I figured this out I had the old CPS out and the new one bolted in in 5 minutes.


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