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Q: Where is the Indicator relay on a mk 1 discovery?
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How do you replace a indicator relay for a ford ka?

1. Remove the plastic covers around the steering column. 2. Take the single screw out of the centre of the switch gear. 3. Pull the two wiring plugs out of the rear of the switch gear. (they hinge out) 4. Remove the indicator relay from the lower indicator side. It's a 3 pin relay.

How many years has the spitfire mk 1 been in service for?

The Spitfire 1 was in service until approximately the end of 1940, by then Mk ll and Mk V were appearing in large numbers and MK 1 was gradually phased out.

What date while is the Renault Clio launched?

Clio Mk 1 - 1990-1998 Clio Mk 2 - 1998-2006 Clio Mk 3 - 2006-present Clio Mk 4 - due 2012

Names of ww1 tanks?

British Mk 1's thru V; French Renaults. All of the machines were originally classified as LANDSHIPS by Britain. Female MK 1's were armed with machineguns and the male MK 1's were armed with cannons.

Was the M1 grenade used in world war 1 and 2?

The Mark (MK) I hand grenade was used in WW1 The MK II A1 and MK III A2 were used in WW2

Was there a Swordfish Mk-1 in world war 1?

no it was made in 1939

How do you change the indicator relay in a Skoda octavia mark 1?

the relay is behind the warning switch , the triangular one in the middle of the dash, from my understanding you need to pop out the part of the dash that suround the switch but i had my one changed in a service and it was cheap. watch out through the relay is massive as it had both the indication and the emergency electrical controls in it.

What is the value of browning 9mm mk 1?


A wiring loom to fit rear electric windows in your mk 1 mondeo does this need to come from another mk 1 or can you use a mk 2 loom?

I would only use the wiring loom from a MK1, as the MK2 wiring could be completely different!

Why World War 2 finish?

Two atomic bombs, MK-1 (Little Boy) and MK-3 (Fatman) were dropped on Japan.

What division do the MK dons play in?

they played in league 1

What is the value of enfield No1 MK VI rifle?

i just picked one up for 150 at a local gun show:I doubt that. The No 1 Mk VI is a very rare variant of the Lee-Enfield rifle. Only a thousand of them were ever made. A No 1 Mk VI Enfield in original condition is worth thousands of dollars. If you got one of those for $150, you got a deal of a lifetime. More likely, you bought a common Enfield No 1 Mk III or No 4 Mk I.