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Testigos Cristianos de Jehova

Calle Joan Crespi, 4, 07014 Palma, Spanje

+34 971 45 65 42 ‎

"Hola,disculpen,opino-sugiero, que está mal colocada la flecha roja de ..." -

Testigos Cristianos de Jehova

Carrer de Ramon Muntaner, 42, 07010 Palma, Baleares, Spanje

+34 971 75 03 29 ‎

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Q: Where is the Kingdom hall in Santa Ponsa Majorca?
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Where is location of kingdom hall of Jehovah's witnesses in santa monica?

Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses 32057 W Pacific Coast Hwy Santa Monica, CA 90401

Where is the Kingdom Hall in majorca?

This information is available by contacting the local Branch officeSPAIN Apartado 132, 28850 Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).

What is the kingdom hall for Jehovah witnesses?

The Kingdom Hall us a place where we meet for worship

Where can you find sheet music for kingdom hall songs?

You can get it at the Kingdom Hall. The Song Book has it in there.

Where you can find Jehovah's Witnesses or a Kingdom Hall in Multan Pakistan?

where is kingdom hall in Lahore Pakistan

Is there any kingdom hall in oslo?

Well, the Kings Castle is in the centre of the city. YOu might call that a Kingdom Hall (?)

When was Hall of Fame of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom created?

Hall of Fame of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom was created on 2010-06-01.

Kingdom hall address saint martin?

The Kingdom Hall address on Saint Martin Street in St Martinville, LA is 902.

Kingdom hall of Jehovah's witnesses Mexico?

Yes there are Kingdom hall's of Jehovah's Witnesses all over the world including Mexico.

Where is the Puckrup Hall located?

The Puckrup Hall is located in Tewkesbury ,United Kingdom. The hall is located inside of the Hilton Hotel and Resort that is once again located in the United Kingdom.

Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall what time is church on Sundays?

It varies from Hall to Hall. You have to check locally.

Where is the assembly hall of Jehovah's witnesses in Sicily?

You can find Kingdom Hall locations by using:Kingdom Hall Finder