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The Moulin Rouge is located in the Butte Montmarte neighborhood, which is sort of best described as the half way point between street level Paris and the top of Monmarte. Although it wouldn't exactly be classified as seedy, it's not really one of Paris's nicer neighborhoods either. It's safe enough for one to walk from the Metro station to the Moulin Rouge but it would still be wise to take precautions in securing personal belongings from the happy hands of pick pockets before venturing onto the streets in the area. These days, the Moulin Rouge still does its revue a couple of times nightly, mostly to the accolades of tourists. If you want to see the show, book early. It tends to sell out well in advance. For entertainment reservations only, be prepared to pay between $110-$125 American per person. If you're interested in enhancing your experience with the available dining options, it will set you back approximately $180-$220 American per person, depending on which of the menus you select. It's also worth noting that the Moulin Rouge is not the only revue of its type on the block. There are actually several Cabaret type theaters in the area, so if you have trouble getting a reservation at the Moulin Rouge but really want to see this type of show, try one of the neighboring venues.

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Q: Where is the Moulin Rouge?
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Why is the Moulin Rouge named so?

moulin rouge is "red mill" in English. the moulin rouge is a big red windmill thus the name moulin rouge

When was At the Moulin Rouge created?

At the Moulin Rouge was created in 1892.

When was the 'Moulin Rouge' movie made?

Moulin Rouge was released in 2001

Who is the author of the moulin rouge?

Baz Luhrman wrote moulin rouge

What was the budget for Moulin Rouge!?

The Production Budget for Moulin Rouge was $53,000,000.

When was Moulin Rouge!?

Moulin Rouge was released on 05/18/2001.

How old is the Moulin Rouge?

The Moulin Rouge is 130 years old. (2010)

Was tom waits in Moulin Rouge?

Tom Waits did not come out in Moulin Rouge.

When was Moulin Rouge released?

Moulin Rouge was released on 05/18/2001.

What was the Production Budget for Moulin Rouge?

The Production Budget for Moulin Rouge was $53,000,000.

When was Moulin Rouge Hotel created?

Moulin Rouge Hotel was created in 1955.

When was Moulin Rouge created?

Moulin Rouge was created on 1889-10-06.

What does moulin mean in English?

Moulin Rouge means "Red Windmill" Rouge = Red Moulin = Windmill † Rissa †

When was the moulin rouge built?

Moulin Rouge is a cabaret built in 1889 by Joseph Oller.

Who composed the music to Moulin Rouge?

Craig Armstrong is the music composer of Moulin Rouge.

What does Moulin Rouge'' mean in English?

"Moulin Rouge" translates to "Red Windmill" in English.

what is Moulin Rouge!?

Le Moulin Rouge is a cabaret in Paris. The name means 'the red windmill'.

How old was Nicole Kidman when she appeared in Moulin Rouge?

Nicole Kidman was in Moulin Rouge when she was 34

How much money did Moulin Rouge gross worldwide?

Moulin Rouge grossed $179,213,196 worldwide.

Who plays the Duke from Moulin Rouge?

The actor who played the Duke from Moulin Rouge was Richard Roxburgh.

Who wrote the song Roxanne in Moulin Rouge?

Moulin Rouge was produced, co-written and directed by Baz Luhrmann. The song "Roxanne" was originally written by the Police but reproduced for Moulin Rouge.

What is le Moulin Rouge?

Le moulin rouge is a cabaret in Paris. The name means 'the red windmill'.

Was Nicole Kidman wearing a wig in Moulin Rouge?

The answer is that she was in fact wearing a wig throughout moulin rouge

How many people visit the Moulin Rouge each year?

How many people visit the moulin rouge

How much money did Moulin Rouge gross domestically?

Moulin Rouge grossed $57,386,369 in the domestic market.