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It is located in the exhaust manifold.

2004-12-03 06:16:02
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Why does your vauxhall carlton 20i 8v over fuel to the extent that it does not start fault code 2121 comes up on e.c.u?

between 15 billion and 20 billion

What is negative square root of 1 minus square root of negative 400?

- sqrt(1) - sqrt(-400) = -1 - 20i, where "i" is the imaginary unit.- sqrt(1) - sqrt(-400) = -1 - 20i, where "i" is the imaginary unit.- sqrt(1) - sqrt(-400) = -1 - 20i, where "i" is the imaginary unit.- sqrt(1) - sqrt(-400) = -1 - 20i, where "i" is the imaginary unit.

What is the square root of -400?

20i, where "i" is the imaginary unit.

What is the Square root of negative 400?

+/- 20i where i is the imaginary square root of -1.

What does a 2003 BMW Z4 weigh?

For the 2.0 Litre engines, (that is 20i, 23i...) it weighs 1375kg.

What is 2-4i over 4 plus 2i put in the form of a plus bi?

To solve this type of problem, multiply both the numerator and denominator by the conjugate of the denominator. (2 - 4i) / (4 + 2i) = (2 - 4i)(4 - 2i) / (4 + 2i)(4 - 2i) then expand all the terms, and simplify. = (8 - 20i + 8i2) / (16 - 4i2) = (8 - 20i - 8) / (16 + 4) = -20i / 20 = -i Which in the required answer format becomes, 0 + i.

How do you unlock a Sony Ericsson W 20i?

ik heb nodig froom unlock gzm sony erycsson w20i IMEI01238200-715662-1 svn40

What is the ibsn number for the script of So I Married An Axe Murderer?

I'm not sure, but you can try looking at this website:

You are less than 30 but not more than 20I am multiple of 2 3 4 6 and 8who are you?

This is a very confused question because "you" and "I" used inconsistently. Moreover, the question, as phrased, has no solution. If the second clause had been "... not LESS than 20 ...", the answer would have been 24.

Interpretation of the waste land? hope this helps

The division of two complex numbers arithematic operation requires the use of complex conjugate?

(3+2i)/(5+4i)If you multiply both sides by the conjugate of the denominator (5-4i), you get:(3+2i)(5-4i)/(5+4i)(5-4i)= (23-2i)/(25 + 16 +20i - 20i)= (23-2i)/41The denominator is now real, because the i terms cancelAs a general formula (easy to expand) this would be:(a+bi)/(c+di) = [(ac+bd) + (bc-ad)i] / (c^2 + d^2)It's a very easy method, but if you're the sort of person who loves using general formulas, there it is.

Is there a alphabet for vampires?

it depends where the vampire comes from. Ex, if its French it has the french alphabet. There is a set of vampiric runes that someone designed. Copy and paste the following address into your address bar:

Where can I find a mcdonalds nutrition calculator?

Try this website

What are some nice new mini barbecue grill?

There are several good kinds of mini barbecue grills. The top five listed on notable sites are as follows: 1. Weber Q 300 Gas Grill, 2. Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared, 3. Char-Broil RED Infrared Urban Gas Grill Model # 463250211, 4. Weber Q-140 Electric Grill, 5. Fire Stone Legacy 20i/e Electric Grill.

How do you change the nat type on Xbox 360 in simple English?

Its different depending on what modem or router you have, check the xbox website for a list of different modem models and to see instructions on how to change the NAT type of your modem. It should be easy to follow as its Microsoft's own guide. Try this link, they give instructions to change the NAT type of various popular modems. Hope this helped.

What number am i if i am an 8 digit number between 23 million and 24 million the digits in my thousands period are all 0's all the digits in my unit period are all the same and the sum s 20i?

There are 3 identical digits in the units period. If the number started with 23 then 2 + 3 = 5 and 20 - 5 = 15 which is divisible by three. If the number started with 24 then 2 + 4 = 6 and 20 - 6 = 14 is not divisible by 3. So the number is 23,000,555.

What episode is the picture where the gang is running away from on How I Met Your Mother? Thats the link to it, but I have watched all of the episodes and cannot find it! Its obviously not season one because Lily has dark hair in it, and also I watched the episode "Lucky Penny" and at one point in time in the episode they are all wearing those outfits but thios scene isn't in it. Also it isn't in the gag reel or any other bonus features. Just wondering if anyone knew!

How do you spell french toast in Italy?

"francese pane tostato" means french toast in Italian. i got this information on the Google translating website but copy and paste this website because it has a long name:|it|hello!%20this%20is%20an%20awesome%20website%20i%20use%20to%20translate%20words%20and%20phrases%20to%20different%20languages%2C%20thank%20you%20for%20visiting%20this%20site!%20p.s.%20you%20should%20try%20translating%20phrases%20one%20word%20at%20a%20time%20or%20the%20translater%20might%20get%20confused%20and%20leave%20it%20in%20english%20but%20that%20rarely%20happens.

Olegio sperm Best medicines Iam patien olegio spermia my marriage 1982 I am 40 years old man Iwant treatment my sperms is dead please help me or suggested effected sperms medicinesherbs medicines?

Hello Sir, Faisal From Sargodha Pakistan = Answering "" = Thanks, With best Regards, Please Reply my e-mail address as soon as possible.

Why 89 20i cav will not start only start on a tow but dies after 10 seconds feels like fuel but checked and got a good spark?

Often a fuel filter will be partially blocked and the fuel pressure will drop after the engine runs for a short time. Also, a fuel filter can run well for a short time and then fail from bad bearings or heat. Electronic components are notorious for failing after they have run briefly. If an electronic component fails it can appear to be just fine while you're testing it, but fail shortly after starting the engine. Often an engine will run briefly but the injector computer does not receive the indiction that the engine is running, and the computer will shut down the fuel pump. In fact, that usually happens after about 10 seconds. That's plenty of alternatives for you to check out. If you can get a GM code scanner you should be able to get some kind of reading. Good luck.

Where are the hidden passwords?

I can't exactly understand what you are trying to say but if you are talking about what's behind asterisks in a password column, copy this:javascript:(function(){var%20s,F,j,f,i;%20s%20=%20%22%22; %20F%20=%20document.forms;%20for(j=0;%20j %20{%20f%20=%20F[j];%20for%20(i=0;%20i %20{%20if%20(f[i].type.toLowerCase()%20==%20%22password%22) %20s%20+=%20f[i].value%20+%20%22\n%22;%20}%20}%20if %20(s)%20alert(%22Passwords%20in%20forms%20on%20this %20page:\n\n%22%20+%20s);%20else%20alert(%22There%20are %20no%20passwords%20in%20forms%20on%20this %20page.%22);})(); Paste this in the URL on the webpage you want to view the hidden password, press enter, then it will show you the password. Hope this helps!

What are the techs in football?

"Techs" is an abbreviation of the word technique. A technique can refer to the location of a defensive player's alignment to th offense. In the most traditional of terms: Head up on the Center is a "0 tech" Shading the center is a "1 tech" Inside shade of the guard is a "2i" tech. Head up on the guard is a "2 tech" Outside shade of the guard is a "3 tech" Inside shade of the tackle is a 4i tech. head up on the tackle is a 4 tech. outside shade of the tackle is a 5 tech. inside shade of the TE is a 7 tech. Head up on the TE is a 6 tech. Outside shade of the TE is a 9. Wider than the TE is a wide 9. Linebackers can have techniques as well by adding a 0 to the alignment. Ex: Inside shade over the Guard is a 20i, head up over the guard is a 20, outside shade over the guard is a 30.

Why did opposition to the tsarist regime increase between 1881 and 1904?

There are three main reasons for the increase in opposition to Tsarism in this period.Firstly the programme of industrialisation embarked upon after the Crimean War was creating massive factories and huge mining and steel towns. These new workers were treated very badly - employers (and most workers were employed by state enterprises) pay was low, housing was very poor - hot-bunking in dormitories was common, they were paid no sick or disability pay and labour unions were banned. This ban meant that radical politicians, not afraid of exile or prison, were able to agitate for workers' rights.See:…Secondly emancipation was not granted - serfs had to buy their freedom and the redemption payments were harsh, many could not afford them, so remained enserfed. (many millions were still serfs in 1917)…Thirdly the Socialist Revolutionary party was founded in 1896 - this was the party of the peasantry - they were a terroristic party, they advocated bombing and murder to further their aims. And the Russian Social And Democratic Labour Party was founded in 1898 - they later split to become the Bolsheviks and Menshevik parties.………

Convert to polar form and then divide Express your answer in polar form 5 sqare root of 3 -5i divided by 4 plus 4isquare root of 3?

(5√3 - 5i)/(4 + 4i√3)Let's try to represent the given complex numbers in the polar form.z = |z|(cos θ + i sin θ)Let z1 = 5√3 - 5i in the form a + bi, wherea1 = |z1|cos θ1 andb1 = |z1| sin θ1so that|z1| = √(a12 + b12) = √[(5√3)2 + (- 5)2] = √(75 + 25) = √100 = 10cos θ = a1/|z1|= 5√3/10 = √3/2 andsin θ = b1/|z1|= -5/10 = -1/2So that,z1=5√3 - 5=|z1|(cos θ1 + i sin θ1) =10(√3/2 - i1/2), where θ1 = 330 degreesLet z2 = 4 + 4√3i|z2|=√(42 + (4√3)2) = √(16 + 48) = √64= 8cos θ2 = 4/8 = 1/2sin θ2 = (4√3)/8 = √3/2So that,z2 = 4 + 4√3 = |z2|(cos θ2 + i sin θ2) = 8(1/2 + √3/2i), where θ2 = 60 degreesNow let's divide.Recall the Euler formula: z = |z|eiθ, wher eiθ = (cos θ + i sin θ)z1/z2 = |z1|eiθ1/|z2|eiθ2 = (|z|/|z|)ei(θ1 - θ2) = (|z|/|z|)[cos (θ1 - θ2) + i sin (θ1 - θ2)]z1/z2 = (10/8)[cos (330 - 60) + i sin (330 - 60)] = (5/2)( cos 270 + i sin 270) = (5/4)(0 - i )Let's check:(5√3 - 5i)/(4 + 4i√3)= (5√3 - 5i)(4 - 4i√3)/(4 + 4i√3)(4 - 4i√3)= (20√3 - 60i - 20i + 20i2√3)/(16 - 48i2)= (20√3 - 80i - 20√3)/(16 + 48)= -80i/64= -5i/4= 0 - 5i/4= (5/4)(0 - i)

What are good romance songs?

luckyswayhey dalihah'd%20Die%20for%20You/7064417?artist_id=1001047&album_id=7064402é -[Deluxe%20Edition]/73453856Answers.com'll%20Be/2047263?artist_id=1000304&album_id=2804449,%20Vol.%202/28044498Answers.com