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Where is the PCM on a 99 Dodge Durango?


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2005-09-20 19:50:06
2005-09-20 19:50:06

its on the right fender in front of the washer fluid.


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99 Durango doesn't have a Heater Control Valve, It only has a thermostat

No Chance! the different bodies have a different number of lugs and different bolt pattern

A 1999 Durango does not have any part called a GPS sensor.

It is part of the pcm on the passenger side firewall.

The mirror glass as to be replaced to fix the auto darkening rear view mirror on a 99 Dodge Durango. This can be done by visiting the dealership.

There were two options the 242 and the 231

Inside the transmission, on the valve body.

The voltage regulator is located in the PCM if it is going out you have to replace the entire computer

I had this problem with my 99 durango (5.9 L engine). I replaced the PCM which helped, but the problem wasn't solved until I installed new spark plugs. Runs like a top now!

The spark plugs?æon a 1999 Dodge Durango are at the side of the engine. Make sure that the engine is cool before accessing the spark plugs.

The PCM uses a dozen sensors that are located all over the engine.

The powertrain control module (PCM) requires three main steps for removal and replacement. The PCM for the 1999 Durango is located on the right front fender towards the engine bay. The ABS plastic cover needs to be snapped off. Next the wiring harness to the PCM needs to be removed. The PCM is secured to its frame mount by three bolts. Once these are removed the new PCM can be installed. It is advisable to clean up the housing and electronic connectors and housing before completing the install. The battery should be disconnected as always when working with electronics.

The ASD is a relay controlled by the PCM and does not have a reset.The ASD is a relay controlled by the PCM and does not have a reset.

Dodge Durango was created in 1998.

Download the service manual at it has plenty of stuff.

Dodge Durango accessories can be obtained at any Dodge dealership. Accessories for a Dodge Durango can also be obtained online at websites such as Dodge Parts.

No, those are separate controllers.No, those are separate controllers.

It bolts to the rear of the transmission. It is the part both driveshafts hook to.

Yes, the '99 Durango has front brakes. Pretty standard design. Try searching the replacement procedure. Or be more specific in your question...

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