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Where is the PCV located on a 2001 Toyota Celica GT?

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2007-05-12 14:10:09

Toyota shows a part number for a valve coming from the valve

cover. However, some Celicas just have a "ventilation system" which

is just a short tube that comes from the valve cover closest to the

EFI (fuel rail next to the firewall) and connects to the EFI. In

those vehicles, there is no valve, it just breathes back into the

fuel rail. If it did not, the engine would build too much pressure.

Everything on these cars is a sealed system, from the pressure cap

on the gas tank, to the air management box where the air is

controlled by the computer as it comes through the filter. Open up

the system with the engine running (like opening the oil filler

cap) and you can hear the engine react to the loss of pressure.


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