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Where is the Platypus in the food chain?


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Platypuses, especially small ones, can be eaten by a variety of predators including spotted-tailed quoll, dingo, feral cat, goannas, water rats, owls and pythons. The platypus is midway in the food chain. Whilst there are other animals that prey upon this creature the platypus, in turn, is carnivorous and preys on small crustaceans, larvae and fish that live underwater.

Within its niche in creeks and rivers, the platypus is the top predator; below it are the shrimp and small crustaceans upon which it feeds; they, in turn, feed on zooplankton, which feed on phytoplankton.

Platypuses are also occasionally taken on worm-baited fishing lines and become entangled in discarded mesh and nylon. See the Related Link.