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Where is the Pokemon HQ boss?

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You can find him when you go to the HQ and beat all of the galactic grunts and once you reach the top you will get to battle the boss.

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Where can you get a master ball Pokemon pearl?

You get a Master Ball from Team Galactic Boss Cyrus at the Galactic HQ.

Where can you find master balls in Pokemon Lake?

no but you can get to HQ and battle team galactic boss and he will give you the master ball

Where is the HQ base at in Pokemon pearl?

hwere is the HQ?

What is Pokemon HQ?

Pokemon headquarters of course

Where can you get a master ball on Pokemon diamond?

when the three legandary pokemon of the lakes are captured the you have to go to the galactic hq in veilstone and get through it then when you beat the boss he gives you a master ball. Hope this helped :D

What do you do after defeating galactic boss in veil stone city's HQ in Pokemon pearl?

You go to hearthome and then you go to my cornet you must have pokemon that know strenght and rock climb and surf then you will catch palkia

What do you do after you have got the 7 gym badge in Pokemon diamond?

go to the lake near snowpoint and go the galactic HQ then beat the boss then climb mt coronet

How do you find the boss in mt cornett in pearl?

Beat him in galactic HQ.-

Where is HQ at Pokemon pearl?

bad guy HQ (team galactic) is in Veilstone City

How do you get to the top of mt coronet cause I keep running into ancient art and I dont know how to move it?

defeat the boss and release the Pokemon in the galactic HQ then the ancient art is destroyed

Where is the key to team galactic's HQ in Pokemon platinum?

In the galactic warehouse to the left of the Galactic HQ

How do get through the Pokemon HQ in LeafGreen?


Where in the galactic HQ is the lake Pokemon?

go to the top of galactic HQ then go all the way to the right

Where do you get a master ball in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to team aqua HQ. Go to the bosses room. There you will talk to him. The boss is kinda nice and I would rute for team aqua if I were you. Know exit the HQ. Save the master ball to capture Raquaza. Do not waste it on Kyoger or Groudon. Catch those Pokemon with ultra balls. Hope this helped. Jey Jey out.

In Pokemon platinum where are the legendary Pokemon in team galactics HQ?

After defeating Cyrus in Team Galactic's HQ, go to the right and there will be a teleport. Walk into it and follow the path. The Legendary Pokemon will be in the next room.

Where is galactic HQ in Pokemon Black?

Team galactic isn't in Pokemon black!

What to do after you have freed the 3 Pokemon at galactic HQ on Pokemon pearl?

go and catch them

On Pokemon diamond how to get master balls?

you get a masterball from the galactic boss after you go through galactic HQ, and if you want more you can migrate them up from fire red, leaf green, ruby, sapphire and emerald

Were is team galactics HQ on Pokemon diamond?


What do you do after you beat Galactic HQ on Pokemon Platnium?


Where the first boss on toontown?

The first boss battle is VP. Found in Sellbot HQ which you get to by going to Daisy Gardens and going down Oak Street.

Where is the team's rocket HQ on SoulSilver Pokemon?

the HQ is in Mahogany Town in soul silver im not sher about hart gold

What to do after you beat the aqua boss in Pokemon emerald?

I dont have the game but I think you have to battle the Boss pokemon.

How do you get a boss Pokemon in Pokemon Rumble Blast?

Actually that only works on regular pokemon if the boss pad is shiny its a legendary you automatically get it once you beat it a regular boss you get lucky

Where do you get HM02 fly in Pokemon pearl?

team galactic HQ