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In Washington DC in the Smithsonian.

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Q: Where is the US is the declaration of independence located today?
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Who wrote the Declaration of Independence in us?

george washington wrote the declaration of independence in us

What year was the us declaration of independence written?

The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776.

What were strengths of the Declaration of Independence?

its what gave us our independence from england

What year was US's Declaration of Independence written?

The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776.

What comes after 'We the people' in the 1776 US Declaration of Independence?

That phrase "We the people..." is not in the Declaration of Independence. It is in the US Constitution.

What is the Declaration of Independence about?

The Declaration of Independence declares the colonies' independence from England.

The US' Declaration of Independence Is the foundation for all US' law?

The Declaration of Independence is not really the foundation of US law. It actually has no legal effect today at all, but it has profoundly influenced American thinking and culture. The foundation for our system of law is in the Constitution of the United States.

How is the Declaration of Independence different to the us Declaration of Independence?

The Declaration does not list "estate" as a natural right. its wrong doe

What year did the US issue the Declaration of Independence?

The US declared independence in 1776.

What document includes the phrases you hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal?

The Declaration of Independence.

Did the US win their independence in 1777?

The signing of the Declaration of Independence

How did US ascertain a formal legal independence?

Declaration of Independence