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If this is in reference to a debit card, the checking account number is not found on the card, for obvious reasons.

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Q: Where is the account number on a bank card?
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How can you tell the bank account number from card?

You cannot. An ATM card number and the corresponding bank account number are seldom the same. The only way to find it is to use the correct PIN number for that ATM card and then try to get a mini statement advice from the ATM machine. The bank statement will contain the account number linked to this ATM card.

How do you know the bank account number through ATM card?

If it is a standard ATM card and not a debit card, there is no relationship between the card number and your bank account. All that information is stored on the magnetic strip on the back of the card.

How to get my ATM account no?

You usually do not have a separate ATM Account number. Your ATM Card will have a number and the card will be linked to your bank account number. Once you complete your transaction, the ATM will print out a receipt/advise and your bank account number will most probably be in that receipt.

Can you find your savings account number in your BPI ATM card?

No. Banks do not prints out the customers account number in the ATM Card. This is done to protect the bank account details in case the ATM Card is lost. Not only BPI, every bank in the world follows this safety precaution. So, you wont find the account number in the ATM Card issued by any bank.

What is a credit card number?

A credit card number is a unique representation of a network (credit card network), a bank (issuing bank) and an account number (specific to account holder) combined to represent a unique representation for an individual with credit.

Where can i see the account number in land bank ATM card?

The account number on your landbank atm card is the one below your name, the one that starts with "SA". The number below it is your card number.

How do you check your NCB bank account online?

How to check my account number? I have my atm card number

Is the savings bank account number the same with the ATM card number?

No. They are not the same. The ATM card number is usually different than the bank account number. These days banks offer debit cards which contain 16 digit numbers whereas bank account numbers are much smaller than that.

Is there a way that my income tax return can be placed directly to a debit card?

If your debit card is linked to a bank account, then yes, you can have your refund deposited directly into the bank account. Otherwise... I'm not sure. If there's a routing number and account number (not just the card number) associated with your debit card, then I wouldn't see why not.

How many digit in yes bank account's?

yes bank's prepaid card number is bank account number?

Where do i find my account number from direct express?

Is my bank account number the same number on the front of my direct express card

Should you give your bank account number to your credit card company?


What is the bank reference number for Barclays bank?

The reference number for a Barclays bank is either your cash account number (checking, savings, money market) number. For those that only have a credit account with Barclays bank, the credit card number is your reference number.

Can you people give me a credit or debit card number?

A bank will if you open an account

What is difference between Number of bank accounts and bank account number?

Number of bank accounts is how many bank accounts and bank account number is the number that identifies the bank account.

Can you sell on amazon with a green dot card?

Yes, You can sell on Amazon using a greendot card. That is the only card I use on Amazon. The card has a routing number and account number you can enter instead of using a bank account. On the Greendot page, once your logged in, hover over Add Funds, then click Bank Load. Scroll down and you will find your routing number and account number.

Does the strip of tape found at the back of a credit card or bank card contains magnetic strip codes?

The magnetic strip contains data relating to the Account number, Branch number & Sort code of the bank where the account is held.

Is bank account is compulsory for obtaining a credit card?

Maintenance of an account in the bank which has issued the card is not a pre requisite for applying for a credit card. Having an account with the card issuing bank is essential for debit cards. Nandkishore Sharma

Can you get money out of your state bank account from the ATM?

Yes, you can. If you have a state bank of India ATM card and a PIN number then you can use that to withdraw cash from your state bank account. However if you don't have a state bank ATM card, you will be unable to take money from the ATM.

What card is issued by a bank to access funds from your bank account?

A debit card or an ATM card.

How do you freeze your grandmas bank account she is in the hospital and her checks and card are missing?

If you have her account number, call the bank immediately! The sooner the bank gets a freeze order on her account the less likely you are going to be charged for fraudulent transactions. Meanwhile, if you do not know the account number, you may be able to walk in using your own ID and hers to verify account or the bank may just freeze the account in good faith (not requiring your Grandma's ID). It depends on the bank, but you must contact them immediately either by rushing to a branch or calling the bank's account services number (the number you usually see on your card when it says "Report Lost/Stolen card") Short answer: get in touch with the bank your grandma uses right now...

Will i still receive my direct deposit if the last digits on my card number is different from my account number?

I have used direct deposit and, when you are setting it up, the routing number and your bank account number are used. Your debit card will have another number.

Is a master card a credit card or debit card?

It's a debit card since the money you pay with is directly transfered from your bank account to the receiver's bank account.


PIN stands for Personal Identification Number This is the secret number without which you would not be able to access your bank account through the ATM card. This has to be kept a secret and must not be disclosed to anybody to ensure safety of your bank account.

Where can you find your bank account number from your BDO debit card?

When you first signed up for a BDO debit card, the teller would have given you a piece of paper, and printed in it is a 10-digit number (on top of your name) which is the account number. If you lost the paper, contact their call center (number located at the back of your card) or go to the bank and ask for your account number. Don't forger to take your ID with you for identification.

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