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The air pressure is highest in areas which are the coolestÊwhich leads to air sinkingÊand creating high pressure at the surface. The opposite is true for areas which are warmest. This causes the air to rise, making pressure at the surface lower.

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What place on the earth's surface has the lowest air pressure?

the lowest air pressure is located in the highest place. therefore the summit of mount Everest has the lowest air pressure on the earths surface.

Which altitudes would have the lowest air pressure and why?

The highest altitudes have the lowest air pressure. Air pressure increases as altitude decreases. Above sea level is lower pressure; below sea level is higher pressure.

What is the lowest air pressure?

the lowest air pressure is the exosphere

When is air pressure usually highest?

Air pressure is highest when it is cool and dry. It is lowest when it warm and humid. In high pressure, the sky is clear and dry, while in low pressure, the sky is warm and muggy and humid, which is where hurricanes can start.

Where is air pressure lowest in a tornado?

The lowest air pressure in a tornado is at its center.

Where is the highest air pressure?

air pressure is the highest near the earths surface

Which layer of the earth's atmosphere has the lowest air pressure?

Air pressure reduces with height, so the top layer has the lowest pressure.

What are the highest and lowest frequencies that can be heard in air?

Lowest = ~20 Hz Highest = ~20 kHz

Which of the following places has the highest atmospheric pressure?

The lowest level of the deepest mine (In South Africa), will have the highest atmospheric pressure. But because of the forced ventilation and cooling systems needed, the air pressure at the lowest levels of the mine will not represent natural atmospheric pressures. [unless the ventilation systems fail!}

In which position is the blood pressure normally the highest?

What position is blood pressure normally the highest and lowest?If a person was sitting, reclining, or standing, which position would cause the blood pressure to be highest and lowest?Also, if there was an increase in blood viscosity, cardiac ouput, and diameter of the arterioles would this constitute to an increase in blood pressure as well?blood pressure (BP) is usuall lowest standing position and highest in supine (reclining) position. This is because the blood return to the heart is decreased when standing. is at its highest when we exercise and lowest when we sleep.

At which altitude is air pressure lowest?

Pressure decreases constantly with height. Eventually there are only a few molecules left to exert any pressure at the top of the atmosphere, which gradually transitions into space (a vacuum of zero pressure). So to answer your question, pressure is lowest at the highest altitude you have in mind.

Is Blood pressure highest in the aorta and lowest in the capillaries?


Where is the greatest blood pressure in the heart?

The pressure is highest in the arteries and lowest in the veins.

What is the highest rank in the Air Force?

the highest air force is pressure

Which location would have the most air molecules per cubic foot?

Probably the shore of the Dead Sea in Israel. Being the lowest place on the earth's dry land, it has the highest air pressure, and therefore the air with the highest density.

When is air pressure highest?

when air is sinking

Where is air pressure lowest?

at high altitudes! :)

Is the systolic pressure the lowest pressure against the walls of the blood vessels?

No, systolic pressure is the highest pressure against the walls of the blood vessels. Diastolic pressure is the lowest pressure against the walls of the blood vessels.

What is a pressure gradient and how is it related to air movement?

Pressure gradient is the rate of pressure change as you change position, not just the difference between the lowest pressure and the highest pressure, but how great (or small) the physical distance between them. Since it the pressure difference that make air flow (wind) the greater the pressure gradient, the greater the wind.

What layer is the atmosphere pressure highest?

The troposphere is the layer of the earth's atmosphere with the highest air pressure.

Blood pressure is highest in the aorta and lowest in the?

superior vena cava

When would the air pressure inside a bicycle tire be lowest?

When you are not sitting on it.

Air Pressure is lowest during which season?


Which layer of the atmosphere has the lowest air pressure?


Which layer of the atmosphere has the greatest pressure?

The lowest level, the troposphere near the Earth's surface, has the highest pressure.