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the asteroid belt is located betwen mars and jupeter.


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No. The asteroid belt is between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Pluto is much farther out, located in the Kuiper Belt.

Ceres is not in the kuiper belt. it is in the asteroid belt.

Ceres is in the asteroid belt, Pluto is in the Kuiper Belt, and Eris in in the scattered disk.

asteroid belt and kuiper belt

In the outer solar system, beyond the Asteroid Belt, but inside the orbit of the Kuiper Belt.

Kuiper Belt. Kirkwood Gaps (in the asteroid belt).

There is only one asteroid belt. It is called the asteroid belt. There are other belts such as the Kuiper belt, but they are not dominated by asteroids. Comets mostly, I believe.

Not exactly. Asteroids are rocky, metallic bodies whereas the Kuiper belt consists mostly of icy frozen bodies

the Kuiper Belt is a region beyond the planet Neptune

No. Comets come from beyond the asteroid belt, mostly from a region called the Kuiper Belt, beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Yes, the mass of the Kuiper belt exceeds that of the asteroid belt, and it is something like 20 to 200 times more massive. The Kuiper belt is a long way away, and the objects in it are mostly small, so it is through gravimetric studies that we "guestimate" the Kuiper belt's mass. A link can be found below for more information.

the asteroid belt, the kuiper belt, and the oort cloud.

In the Kuiper Belt, apart from Ceres which is in the Asteroid Belt.

It's not close to the asteroid belt, but as the furthest planet from the sun it is 'near' to another collection of space debris called the Kuiper belt.

Ceres is in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.Eris is at the outer edge of the Kuiper Belt, at the edge of the solar system.

The sun has 2 belts ,the asteroid and the kuiper belt.

Gerard kuiper was the first to discover the belt of comet like debris

It's between Mars and Jupiter. The Kuiper Belt is near Neptune.

There are many asteroid formations in the Milky Way. Of those, three orbit our sun, Sol. The first, and most commonly known, asteroid formation in our system is the Asteroid Belt (sometimes called the Main Belt). It is located approximately 3 AU (448,793,612.1 kilometres) from the sun, and is comprised of mostly rocky asteroids in a belt formation. The second is the Kuiper Belt, a belt formation of icy asteroids and dwarf planets. The third is the Oort Cloud, a theorized cloud of asteroids orbiting far beyond the Kuiper Belt.

The asteroid belt is located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The main Asteroid Belt orbits at around 3 AU (450 million kilometers) from the Sun, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. There is a second belt of asteroids, the Kuiper Belt, orbiting the sun between Neptune and Sedna. Both asteroid belts contain several planets: -- The main belt contains Ceres (dwarf planet), Vesta, and Pallas. -- The Kuiper Belt contains three more dwarf planets and several candidates.

The asteroid belt is located between Mars and Jupiter.

The kuiper belt are a collection of rocks beyond the orbit of Pluto. All the dwarf planets (except Ceres) are near the Kuiper Belt.

The asteroid belt is located between mars and Jupiter

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