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The backup light switch on a 2003 E350 van is located on the column under the dash, just inside the firewall. The neutral safety and reverse lights are both controlled by one switch.

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2014-11-20 06:14:32
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Q: Where is the backup light switch on a 2003 E350 van?
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In my 2006 E350 is is located in the trunk, on the right hand side, next to the spare tire compartment. It actually has 2 batteries, a main and a backup. The backup battery is located under the cabin filter/filter housing, under the hood, on the passenger side.

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First be sure the dash light brightness control switch is not turned off then check the fuse.

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Take it to a trained professional.

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It is very easy to reset the oil light after you had an oil change in your 2011 Ford E350. You will just need to disconnect the battery for up to 1 minute to reset the light.

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