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There is no battery pack in the rifle. You have to cock it before each shot. The only battery in the rifle is in the flashlight.

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Q: Where is the battery pack on the crosman stinger r34?
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Is the Crosman Stinger R34 Airsoft Carbine sold at walmart automatic or semi-automatic?

The Crosman r34 is not automatic or semi-automatic. You have to manually reset the action for every bb you shoot.

Where is the ajustable fore grip for your crosman r34 stinger?

The Fore-grip is under the barrel (it's removable and adjustable) It attaches to the rail under the barrel.

How much fps is a stinger r34 have?


What is the range of a Stinger R34 Airsoft gun?

The Crosman r34 is quite acurrate within 30 feet. The r34 is not accurate past 50 feet. This gun begins to curve to the left or right past 50 feet. It's not a straight shot, which makes me think that the hop-up is cheap and puts a little bit of curve in the wrong direction.

Is the stinger r34 automatic?

Nope. Sorry, I thought it was till i bought it

Crosman R34 how to fix it steps?

You did not state what was wrong with the R34. Can not help you fix something if you don't say what is wrong with it. If it's still under warranty I suggest that you contact Crosman: CUSTOMER SERVICE: (see the link below)

In TDU how to get the Nissan skyline R34 GTR?

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How much horsepower does a skyline R34 have?

An R34 has 274 hp. - Justin Charles

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