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Q: Where is the battery pack on the crosman stinger r34 red dot?
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Does the crosman red dot sight fit on the crosman pulse r76?

The R-76 is NOT scopable so a Red Dot will NOT fit on it.

Does the Crosman red dot fit the 1377?


What Stock and Scope are compatible with the Crosman Stinger S32P Airsoft Shotgun?

Crossman Stinger S32P has a RIS (Rail Interface System) on the upper reciever, so you can put any scope with any RIS mount. But since a shotgun usually used for CQB, you better use reflex sights/red-dot sights. Maybe there is some aftermarket parts (i.e.: stocks, rails, etc.) for Crossman Stinger S32P. If not, you can look for Double Eagle M47 series aftermarket parts that easier to find and compatible with Crossman Stinger S32P.

Does the crosman red dot sight fit the pulse r76?

ya it does it fits the dpms panther arms red dot too

What are the companies that have red dot sights for air guns?

Swiss Arms, UTG, BSA, Daisy and Crosman

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How can you modify a Crosman T4?

Add a compensator, weaver accessory rail, Red dot sight and tactical flashlight.

Where can you find j c Higgins 12 and a half gram CO2 cylinders for the model 126 dot 19360 pellet pistol?

The gun was made by Crosman, perhaps that will help your search. ----------New answer--------------- This is a model 600 made by Crosman. It is no longer in production.

What are the companies that have red dot sights for airguns?

Crosman, Gamo, UTG, Walther, TSD, BSA just to name a few. see the link below

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