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If you are in North Carolina, definitely Travers LASIK. She never has any complaints and most LASIK doctors at least have a few. That is where my girlfriend went. She is apparently consistently really good. I think it might be because she is selective with who she operates on, making sure that she doesn't perform on risky clients.

If you are in Maryland, go with Dr. Whitten. He did Tiger Woods and Bill Cowher's eyes.

Not sure about anywhere else, but I've heard horror stories from other doctors around here and elsewhere, so watch out and make sure to go somewhere good!

The prices are the same everywhere, so that's not really a concern. Everywhere pretty much does $1,000 per eye.

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Q: Where is the best place to get laser eye surgery?
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How much does laser eye surgery cost per eye?

Lasrer eye surgery costs depend on the specific company that is offering the surgery. One of the best known laser eye specialists in the United Kingdom is Optical Express. The company has prices for laser eye surgery on their website and regularly host competitions for the chance to win laser eye surgery. It should be noted that laser eye surgery has its risks and not everybody that applies is eligible to have the surgery.

Where might one find the best laser eye surgery in New York?

For the best proper treatment with a laser eye surgery in New York, it is best advised to first research the best and renowned eye surgery clinic or hospitals. One of the most famous laser eye surgery in New York is at St Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center, in New York. But to find a laser eye surgery hospital in New York, call the New York board of hospital of eye surgeries for the best advice.

Can an 11 year old get laser eye surgery with parental guidance?

No. Best age for laser eye surgery is 18-25

Where can someone find information about Laser Optic surgery?

The best place to find information about Laser Optic Surgery is to at your eye doctor or general practitioner. They can provide detailed information about the procedure and how it will affect you.

Where can you get LASIK laser eye surgery?

One can get LASIK laser eye surgery by going to a TLC Laser Eye Surgery Center. There are TLC Laser Eye Surgery Centers across the country that perform LASIK surgeries.

Best Candidates for Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery is not for everyone. There are a few basic requirements that candidates must meet before they are seriously considered for the eye surgery. Matching the basic requirements reduces any risk of injury to the candidate for the surgery. According to statistics the best candidates for laser eye surgery are at least eighteen years of age, should not be pregnant or nursing, and free of any type of eye infections.

Does Laser eye surgery charge you per eye?

Yes, for laser surgery that charge by the eye.

How does laser eye surgery help?

laser eye surgery help with your vision, so you could have 20/200 and have laser eye surgery to have 20/20 vision

Which are the best laser eye centers in New York?

The best laser eye centers in New York are TLC laser eye center, Belmont eye center and Diamond Vision. These eye centers have professional stuff and they offer services in eye surgery.

How does laser eye surgery work?

watch "how its made laser eye surgery" on

What is lazer eye commonly misspelled for in regards to surgery?

Lazer eye surgery is a misspelling of the term "laser eye surgery". Laser eye surgery, also known as LASIK surgery, is a service offered by eye surgeons.

Where is the best place to have laser eye surgery?

Depending on where the patient is located, the amount they can afford, and their medical coverage would determine the best doctors office to have the surgery performed. The best place would be at a certified physicians office where the physician is highly skilled at the procedure.

What kind of engineer does laser eye surgery?

No kind of engineer does laser eye surgery. Surgeons do surgery, in this case, a specially traine eye, or opthalmic surgeon.

What is corrective eye laser surgery?

Corrective eye laser surgery can be any excimer laser corneal surgery or refractive surgery that improves vision by correcting errors of refraction(check out Cornea Surgery in the related links). If you want a list of the various corrective eye laser surgery procedures you can refer to the related link (Eye Surgery Manila, Philippines) that I have provided below.

How does corrective laser eye surgery work?

corrective laser eye surgery is a surgery u can get to make vision almost perfect and they do this by taking a laser and correcting the eye so that it is able to see perfectly.

Which websites have information about laser eye surgery?

I am also considering laser eye surgery. It is very affordable these days. Here are some facts about laser eye surgery:

Where can get laser eye surgery procedures in Akron?

One can get laser eye surgery procedures in Akron from Clear Choice. This is a center that deals with eye surgery to give clearer vision. With laser eye surgery, one does not need to have contact lenses or eye glasses. This type of eye surgery is used to correct problems that has to do with far-sightedness or near-sightedness.

What does the company Cool FM offer?

The company Cool FM offers laser eye surgery. Their practice is the best in the world for laser eye surgery and they get many customers and great reviews each year.

Laser Eye Surgery?

form_title= Laser Eye Surgery form_header= Improve your vision with laser eye surgery. Do you wear contacts or glasses?*= () Contacts () Glasses () None Do you have dry eyes?*= () Yes () No Are you pregnant?*= () Yes () No

If Bill Gates is so rich why doesn't he get laser eye surgery?

Money can not make a person or their life problem free. Bill Gates does not have laser eye surgery because laser eye surgery will not fix his issues with his eyes.

Where can one find decent laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery is used to correct vision and may have substantial side effects. A noteworthy location for this procedure would be the TLC Laser Eye Surgery Center.

What is the average price of eye laser surgery near Portland, OR?

The best answer to that would be look up laser surgery offices located near Portland,OR. Just like in math, add all the prices of laser surgery near Portland, OR , and divide the amount by the number of laser surgery offices.

What is the price for laser eye surgery?

The cost of laser eye surgery varies between locations and the price you pay will depend on the speciality of your ophthalmologist, the location of the eye clinic and the extent of corrective vision treatment needed. For more information on the cost of laser eye surgery, see here:

Where can one get more information on eye laser correction?

By inquiring with the NHS one can get a lot of information regarding laser eye surgery and procedures involved with getting laser eye surgery with the NHS.

Where can one get a reputable vision laser surgery?

Try going to your local eye doctor and see if he can give you a place in which to go laser eyes surgery can be expesive but it may be worth it later.