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-Look around the thrift shops Your bound to find really good emo clothes. I did.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-23 07:21:07
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Q: Where is the best to buy cheap emo clothes?
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Were can you buy emo cloaths?

hot topic is always amazing for goth, emo, and scene clothes or you can go to any store and just buy whatever fits your style there isn't really a specific emo store where its only emo clothes

Where to find emo clothes?

Many places you can buy.

Where do you get emo gloves?

hot topic is the best store for emo/goth/scene clothes

Where do you buy emo clothes in Malta?

go on it imports clothes from america to lots of countries

What shops in Birmingham UK sell emo clothes at affordable prices?

i always buy my clothes from the oasis n blue banana thr cheapish n sell really nice clothes from lil miss emo

Where can you buy a whole set of scene-emo clothes?

Hot Topic definitely

What are emo clothes?

emo clothes are styled according to the person wearing the clothes.Like scene is different then other emo trends like goth, hippie, punk, jock, skater etc.So there is not really a type the only way to know what emo clothes are you have to have a category like then ones I listed above then just go on from that to see truly what emo clothes are.

How do you dress up emo?

Get emo hair and dark, or punk clothes

Is Richard wisker emo?

No. He hasn't really shown any signs of being 'emo' and he wears normal clothes, nice clothes actually :)

Are Avril lavignes clothes emo?


Where are some good places to buy emo clothes for a 13 year old in Ireland?

I think you might want to see a psychiatrist. Really.

Where to buy emo clothes?

Blue banana, punkyfish, but the main thing is to pick out stuff you like and not force the look. Also, anything black...

Where can you buy emo clothes?

Go to hottopic you can find it at most malls. or go to . you could also try spencers. But if you really wanna be emo then buy clothes at thriftstores!!!!!!!!!hope i helped!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥The best place to find clothes/shoes that are considered "emo" is a thrift store. If you want something new for her just look around a bit at stores. However resist from buying at Hot Topic. It's considered a serious poser store.

How do you get you brother to go emo?

you can't force people to be emo emo (short for emotional) is the way someone feels you can try to convince your brother that emo music or clothes are cool but you can't make him feel emo

Do they sell emo clothes in Macy's?

Yes and no they sell skinny jeans but I don't think the sell band t shirts and I'm sure they have other emo clothes emi clothes for girls are just a bunch of clothes put together

Where do emo girls get their clothes?

Usually from Hot Topic

Is it ok for a boy to wear girls clothes?

If you emo.

What are the characteristics of an emo band?

well the lyrics to their songs are usually depressing they have emo hair styles and emo clothes and usually the guitar and drums are really intense

Do girls that are emo have to wear tight pants?

Of Course Not If You Or Another Emo Boy Or girl Is An Emo It does not matter if u wear baggy clothes or tight clothes I'm emo but i don't wear tight clothes and theres many reasons why emos don't wear tights clothes... here are some tight clothes can be uncomfortable- don't wear clothes you don't feel comfortable in weight-some tight clothes may make some people look fat and they may not like that I mean come on I am emo but skinny jeans make girls feel insecure about their weight and girls or boys don't need to feel like that.

Where to find emo shop?

Go to any mall and you'll find a store called Hot Topic!!! That's were i shop!!! That's the best place ever for emo and scene clothes!!! You'll love it if your not a wanna-be. :)

How do you tell if your brother is emo?

Hmmm depression, not talking, listens to emo music, wears emo clothes, acts emo, might cut himself, looks lonely, writes suicide notes Etc.

Where can you get emo clothes in Lebanon?

tali weil stradiverias regency

Where could you find emo clothes in Michigan?

Hot topic!!!

Where do you get goth clothes in placer county California?

from emo land

Why are you casted as an emo just because your life sucks?

you probably complain about it a bunch, and wear emo clothes and cut yourself