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The block heater cord is on the Engine Block Heater on the 2007 Chevy Optra.

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Q: Where is the block heater cord on 2007 Chevy optra?
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Where does the block heater install on a 2007 saturn ion?

where is the engin block heater on a 2007 Ion

Where is the engine block heater on your 2007 ford escape?

The 2007 Ford escape engine block heater is located on the right hand side of the engine block. You can follow the block heater cord to the block heater.

Where is block heater on 2007 Dodge Magnum?

does anybody know where block heater on 2007 dodge magnum is if there is one

Where is the Ford Focus block heater?

where does the engine block heater go in my 2007 ford focus

Does a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer have a block heater?

The Cananda, and Alaska, models may, but the US models would have had to have it added as a option.

Where is the block heater located on a 2007 dodge sprinter?

Thwey were not built with block heaters.

Where is the block heater cord in the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe?

The block heater cord, on your 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe, can be accessed through the front grill of the vehicle. The heater cord will be on the bottom left corner of the grill.

Where is the block heater located on your 2007 f-250 diesel truck?

somewhere on the engine block i suspect

Where is the block heater cord on a 2007 Malibu?

i bought a 2007 Malibu today they come with no block heater ... Dealer told me chev stopped putting them in unless its an option add on... i hv to get one installed

Where is the Block heater plug on a 2007 Ford Edge?

If the 2007 Ford Edge is equipped with a block heater, the plug and cord are located in the engine compartment. It should be on the passenger side, towards the front of the vehicle.

Where is the engine block heater cord for a 2007 dodge cummins?

On eBay or Ryder Fleet Service about $20. The heater is in the block but Dodge doesn't include the cord..

Where is the block heater plug located on 2007 trailblazer ss?

Behind the Battery in a small pouch.

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