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See answer on "How do you change the front brake pads on a 2001 Ford Focus?" for a description of the location of the resivoir. The answer to this exact location is at the bottom of that answer.


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On a 2001 Ford Focus : The brake fluid reservoir is used for the brake and clutch systems

To fill the brake fluid in a 2001 Honda Odyssey, you need to find the brake fluid reservoir and remove the cap. Fill the reservoir with the right amount of fluid and put the cap back on.

The brake and clutch fluid systems are supplied by the brake fluid reservoir ( according to the 2001 Mercury Cougar Owner Guide )

check the brake fluid reservoir and add fluid if necessary.


Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir, if it is low you have a leak somewhere.

DOT ( 3 ) or DOT ( 4 ) brake fluid , according to the Owner Guide

Usually it's low brake fluid or a problem with the abs. Check the brake fluid reservoir. Often the brake fluid will go down as the brake pads wear and the calipers has to travel further.

If it only flickers it may be due to low fluid level in the master cylinder. Check your brake fluid reservoir.

Reservoir sits on the master cylinder (actually part of it), Master bolts to the power brake booster

On a 2001 Ford Taurus : You add brake fluid to the brake fluid reservoir , located in the engine compartment , on the drivers side of the engine compartment near the firewall * the firewall is the metal wall that divides the engine compartment from the passenger compartment *

I'm not a mechanic / technician but the power brake booster is between the brake fluid reservoir and the firewall on your 2001 Ford Explorer ( located in the engine compartment on the drivers side )

You can add fluid in the reservoir on the top of the main brake cylinder. It's located on the firewall just in front of the driver's seat in the engine compartment.

is the brake and clutch reservior integral on a 2001 vw passat tdi

On my girlfriends 2001 Escape it came on because the brake fluid was low. Open the hood and look at the fluid reservoir. If it is not filled to the full line, fill it with the proper brake fluid and see if the light goes out.

Use a turkey baster or something similar to suck the brake fluid from the 2001 Altima reservoir. Open the bleeder valves and drain the lines as much as possible. Refill the system and bleed the wheel cylinders to complete the fluid change.

On a 2001 Mercury Sable : The automatic transaxle ( transmission ) fluid level dipstick is near the firewall , in the area of the brake fluid reservoir , in the engine compartment

The brake fluid reservoir is located to the right side of the engine against the firewall. It is made of opaque plastic with a yellow screw on cap. It is approximately 4 inches wide by 6 inches long. The cap also contains a fluid level sensor that detects a low fluid level in the resevoir.

In a 2001 Ford Expedition : The Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) is located in the engine compartment . It is near the brake fluid reservoir

The 2001 Villager washer fluid level sensor is inside of the washer fluid reservoir. The sensor can be access through the bottom of the washer fluid reservoir.

There may be a sensor located near the E brake lever that is stuck or the E brake needs adjustment so that the sensor reads the position of the release lever properly. If the E brake light is only half as bright as normal it indicates that you may be low on brake fluid in the reservoir or that the small plunger in the reservoir that drops as fluid level decreases is actually stuck down on the sensor inside the reservoir. Would be a good idea to get brake fluid renewed and check inside brake reservoir to ensure the small disk shaped plunger is floating at the right level with the fluid also being at the right level. If fluid is low, check brakes for excessive wear as they may need replacing.

ESD-M6C57-A ("Super DOT 4" for MTX-75 transmissions or 'manual transmission' models) Source: Ford Focus 2001 User's Manual

The brake fluid reservoir is located under the hood on the passenger side toward the firewall. it should be white with a black cap that may say "brake". Unscrew this cap and look inside the reservoir for your fluid level, then check the side of the reservoir for fluid level markings. If your fluid level lines up with the mark that says "Full" - You are good to go. If not, and you are low, you will need to add DOT3 approved brake fluid until the level in the reservoir matches the full mark on the side of the reservoir. One thing you may notice on the reservoir cap (underneath) is a rubber grommet "cup" which may be in the extended position...coming out of the cap. Gently push this back into the cap and screw back on to the reservoir. Since your question indicates you may be a novice at this I want to add the brake fluid will (eventually) remove/damage your paint, so it is important to clean up any spills with soap and water as soon as possible. Chief

Come now: we don't call them "slave" cylinders anymore, it's not polite. They are Wheel Cylinders and Clutch Cylinders.But to answer your question: any car with a hydraulic clutch uses brake fluid as clutch fluid, and one reservoir serves both systems.

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