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See answer on "How do you change the front brake pads on a 2001 Ford Focus?" for a description of the location of the resivoir. The answer to this exact location is at the bottom of that answer.

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Q: Where is the brake fluid reservoir in a 2001 Ford Focus?
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Where does the clutch fluid go for a 2001 ford focus?

On a 2001 Ford Focus : The brake fluid reservoir is used for the brake and clutch systems

How do you fill the brake fluid in a 2001 Honda odyssey?

To fill the brake fluid in a 2001 Honda Odyssey, you need to find the brake fluid reservoir and remove the cap. Fill the reservoir with the right amount of fluid and put the cap back on.

Where is slave cylinder reservoir for a 2001 mercury cougar?

The brake and clutch fluid systems are supplied by the brake fluid reservoir ( according to the 2001 Mercury Cougar Owner Guide )

What do you do if the low brake fluid light comes on in your 2001 Chevy impala?

check the brake fluid reservoir and add fluid if necessary.

What fluid goes in the clutch reservoir for a 2001 dodge stratus rt?

DOT 3 brake fluid.

Where do you put clutch fluid in a Kia Sephia 2001?


Abs and brake light comes 2001 jimmy?

Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir, if it is low you have a leak somewhere.

What type of brake fluid does 2001 ford focus take?

DOT ( 3 ) or DOT ( 4 ) brake fluid , according to the Owner Guide

What brings brake warning light on in a 2001 Grand Am GT?

Usually it's low brake fluid or a problem with the abs. Check the brake fluid reservoir. Often the brake fluid will go down as the brake pads wear and the calipers has to travel further.

Why does the Brake warning light flickers on 2001 Toyota Camry?

If it only flickers it may be due to low fluid level in the master cylinder. Check your brake fluid reservoir.

What is the part that the brake fluid reservoir is mounted atop in a Suburban 2001 Vortec V8 engine?

Reservoir sits on the master cylinder (actually part of it), Master bolts to the power brake booster

Where do you add brake fluid in 2001 Ford Taurus?

On a 2001 Ford Taurus : You add brake fluid to the brake fluid reservoir , located in the engine compartment , on the drivers side of the engine compartment near the firewall * the firewall is the metal wall that divides the engine compartment from the passenger compartment *

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