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It is Altering Cave which you can enter only after you beat the Pokemon league.

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Q: Where is the cave on Route 103 located in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where is the cave in route 128 located in Pokemon emerald?

it is located underwater near sootopolis

Where is the underwater cave on pokemon emerald?

route 228

How do you enter the cave on route 120 in Pokemon emerald?

You walk in.

In Pokemon emerald how to get in the cave on route 118?

beat the game

Where is the under water cave Pokemon emerald?

its at route 128.

Where is registeel in Pokemon?

In Pokemon sapphire, ruby, and emerald it is in the cave on route 120

Where are the regis caves emerald?

In order to open the Regis caves in Pokemon Emerald you first have to go to route 134 and dive into the cave. When you are in there use dig. The first Regi cave is located in the desert.

What happens if theres a drought in Pokemon emerald after the elite 4?

If there is a Drought in a Route on Pokemon Emerald it means Terra Cave has appeared in that Route. Terra Cave is a randomly spawning cave that contains the legendary Pokemon Groudon. Terra Cave only appears after defeating the Elite Four.

Can you find a Sallamance in Pokemon emerald?

u can not get a slamance in emerald with out a pokemon modifier code. you can get a bagon in a cave evolve it in to a salamance. the bogon is found in route 115 in a cave.

What route in Pokemon ruby is the under water cave?

The underwater cave is located in route 128.

Where does Groudon appear in Pokemon emerald?

in the terra cave near route 115

Where is emerald cave in Pokemon Soulsilver?

There is no cave in Pokemon Soulsivler called Emerald cave. If you are talking about the Embedded Tower which is where Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza can be caught than that is on route 47 west of Cianwood city. If that's not what you are looking for than tell me and i will tell you but there is no Emerald cave.

Where is the granite cave in Pokemon emerald?

Granite Cave is located northwest of Dewford town.

On Pokemon Emerald how do you get a Rigice?

You can get a rigice on Pokemon Emerald in the Island Cave,which is on Route 105.You need to unlock the Rigi's though,before you can attempt this.

What is the cave on route 103 on Pokemon emerald?

It is the Altering Cave you can go there after you beat the elite 4. The cave contains only zubats.

How do you get through artisan cave in Pokemon emerald?

that cave will open after beating the elite four near route 111

How do you get to digglet cave in pokemon soulsilver?

The cave is located in Kanto. The two entrances are on Route 2 and Route 11.

Cave route 103 emerald?

its very easy :) hafter beating Pokemon league go to slateport city and head at route 103. go to that lake at this route and what is that?IT'S A NEW CAVE!!!! and the cave its named ALTERING CAVE

How do you get to the underwater cave in Pokemon emerald?

how 2 get in the under warter cave on Pokemon emerald

Which Pokรฉmon is in the cave of orgin in Pokรฉmon Emerald?

There is no Pokemon in the Cave of Origin in Pokemon Emerald.

Where is the key in the underwater cave in Pokemon emerald?

go to route 127 and 128,then go underwater.

Can Celebi be found in the skypillar in Pokemon emerald?

No ,,find him in the cave near route 115 after every Pokemon is on level 100

Where is kyogre on route 125?

Kyogre is the name of a Pokemon only available in the Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald video games. Kyogre can be found in the Cave of Origin, near Sootopolis City, in Sapphire, and it appears in the Marine Cave in Emerald. The location of the Marine Cave changes periodically in the game.

What is Stephen's Cave in Pokemon Emerald?

it is a cave

In Pokemon platinum where is wayward cave?

Wayward cave is located underneath Cycling Road on route 206.