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Q: Where is the cheat for thrillville off the rails ds?
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What do you think of the game Thrillville Off The Rails for the Nintendo DS?

I love it.

Thrillville ds pirate park?

That is the last park on the Thrillville DS and I think it is very hard to do the last mission.

What game kind odf game is Thriilville Off The Rails is it a Ds game?

yes it is a Ds game.

Are there any roller coaster games for the Nintendo ds?

there thrillville and theme park!

Is there a working emulator for thrillville off the rails ds?

Try for your self. There are 2 DS emulators who are the best at present. 1) No$gba 2) iDeaS You can google search them. Please post here if it worked for you. If the game gives save error in No$gba, then follow steps: 1) Open No$gba 2) Go to configure> nds cartridge backup media 3) Choose save type to EEPROM 512kb 4) save options. 5) Restart your game.

How do you undo the Phineas and Ferb cheat on ds?

No, you can't undo it, the way to do this to turn off your Nintendo and turn it on and... BOOM!!! The cheat is undo!

How do you get the cheat for the Azure flute?

you need the ds action replay.WARNING! this could cause a problem to your ds like colseing the ds and it turning off use at your own risk!

What is the best DS DS lite cheat system?

I think I-Cheat on

What is the action replay cheat for get any pokemon cheat for pokemon diamond?

No, but you can get more cheats off the internet and there are a lot of cheats allready on the DS action replay card

What is a Pokemon Ranger cheat for ds with action replay?

there is no cheat...

Is there a cheat to finish the museum on animal crossing ds?

There is no cheat for that.

What if your game freezes when your trying to perform the all shiny Pokemon cheat on Pokemon diamond what do you do?

turn your Nintendo ds off then do it again