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Where is the computer module on a 91 Mercury Sable?


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2005-07-13 04:01:29
2005-07-13 04:01:29

I'm trying to remember, I used to have one. Most engine computers (including the Sable's) are on the passenger's side under the glove box and to the right, under the "kick panel." (If you sit in the car and stretch your legs out, the computer will be under the plastic trim directly to the right of your right foot.)


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It is part of the engine computer.

can't. computer does it automatically.

you cant easily as it is internal to the master engine computer module

under dash at fire wall in ceter of console.

If your 91 park avenue is like the one I have. To the left of the radio is an air duct. To the left of the air duct is the adaptive lamp monitor module. The module is near the top inside of dash.

inside the distributor its a black module with 3 wires on it , it is made of 2 peaces 2 screws hold it on useally the sytoms for a bad module are the care wont start the car i turns over the fuel pump works , there will be No SPark comming from the coil so don't be tricked by the coil not given spark, common reson why 91 to 94 Mercury capis wont start

first you need to open up the hood, take it into a body shop. they encounter this problem frequently in accidents and such. and then just replace the cable

the computer module sets the ratio depending on operating modes,temperate sensor output. more information is in the chilton manual-fuel system.

There is no governor on a 91 Escort. There may or may not be a maximum rpm limit in the ignition module or computer, and there may be a maximum speed (mph) setting programmed into the ECM.

ecu? Do you mean ecm, Engine Control Module?

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i own a 91 caprice the engine ecm computer is mounted in the passenger side kick panel behind trim..

Saturn engine interchangibility.yes, by all means you can, the only thing is have to match the ignition modules to the crankshaft. i.e. use a 93 module for the 93 crank and a 91-92 module for a 91-92 crank. there is a timing difference built in to the module for the crankshaft notches. that's about it. everything else will work.

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for the 88 it is on the driver side fender under the water overflow

no spark could be a few things but most likely its the control module in the distrbutor test the coil first ive replaced alot of control moduels on 91 to 94 capris and old festas main reason why thers no spark ,

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i owned a 91 Ford Taurus and now own a 96. they all use the same size and that's 5x7AnswerThat's '96 Sable takes a 6 x 8 speaker. Answerfront door speakers are 5.25in AnswerI'm trying to change all 4 speakers in my 93 Sable... the rear ones are pretty easy to take out but i couldn't figure out how to get to the front ones yet... as for the sizes, i used this link:

There are two possible mounting locations for the computer in a 91 ford Ranger. One is behind the radio. The second is behind the passenger side kick panel.

I just bought a 91 Q45 and the tranny don't work, there is no garbage in the fluid and someone said it might be the module. Can you tell me where it is located. Thanks

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