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I Believe it is behind the glove box. Post your findings. The computer is located drivers side, Under the hood, Next to battery. The computer is in the very front corner of the drivers side fender.( next to the battery. And has a 5/16 screw on the electrical connection that must be unscrewed completely to remove the plug. the computer is about a foot long front to back and about 8 in" up and down and about 3" thick. with all edges almost completely curved. Man I need to get out of the demolition derby. Its makeing like weird Here I am talking about a dag on computer on a shadow in a forum. And i am looking for something else. oh boy

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โˆ™ 2006-01-22 02:22:57
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Q: Where is the computer on a 1992 Dodge Shadow?
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1992 Dodge shadow where does the tach get its input from?

from the engine computer, which gets its rpm info from the crank position sensor

How do you reset the kill switch relay on a 1992 dodge shadow?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1992 dodge shadow?

The fuel filter is under the car, mounted in front of the fuel tank on a Dodge Shadow.

Where is the turn signal on a 1992 Dodge Shadow?

Check the glove compartment

To no the fuse size for dashlights for a 1992 Dodge Shadow?

4 amp

Does 1992 Dodge Dakota have a computer?


1992 dodge shadow how many gallons of gas does it hold?

About 12-13...

Where is the computer on 1993 dodge shadow?

Beside the battery.......cant miss it!

Where is computer diagnostic port on 1992 dodge shadow?

there is not one. only on 1996 and later model vehicles. it can be diagnosed from the check engine light. if you have a haynes book it will tell you how.

Where is the fuel shut off switch on a 1993 Dodge Shadow?

A Dodge Shadow does not have a reset or shut off switch. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

1992 dodge Dakota is the voltage regulator in the computer?


Will an engine from a 1992 Dodge Shadow fit into a 1985 Chrysler Lebaron which also has a 2.2L?


Where is the starter on a 1992 dodge shadow 5 speed?

right next to the transaxle oil pan

Is there an oxygen sensor on a 1992 dodge shadow?

yes, it is screwed into the exhaust manifold beind the engine

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1992 dodge shadow?

I think it is located inside the gas tank

When was Dodge Shadow created?

Dodge Shadow was created in 1987.

Will a 1992 2.5 dodge shadow engine interchange with a 1993 or a 1994 Chrysler lebaron 2.5?


How do you replace fuel pump on 1992 dodge shadow?

fuel tank has to come down it's inside.

Where is the horn on a 1993 Dodge shadow?

haah on the steering wheel! Horn on my 1992 Dodge Shadow 2.2 non turbo is located in the engine compartment, passenger side to the left of the AC compressor bolted to the chassis.

Will a transmission from a 94 Dodge Shadow fit an 85 Dodge Shadow?


Does a 1992 dodge van 318 have points?

No, it has computer controlled electronic ignition.

What would cause the coil to quit pulsing on a 1992 dodge shadow?

If it has a distributor, it might be the pickup inside the distributor.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 Dodge Shadow 2.2L?

the water pump is on the bottom of the engine underneath the alternator

What is the spark plug gap for a 1992 Dodge Shadow?

The gap for the 2.2L and 2.5L is .035 according to the hood label.

Anchor for baby seat in a 1992 dodge shadow?

not equiped you are going to have to use the seat belt to hold it in the seat.