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Where is the coolant level sensor located in a 1999 Ford Taurus?


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The coolant temperature sensor is located near the thermostat housing. The sensor is gray and sits alongside of the temperature sending unit(for your gauge) which is usually brown.


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Its located on the bottom of the coolant reservore.

The coolant level sensor is on the bottom of the coolant reservoir located on the passenger side fender well.

There is a coolant level sensor in the bottom of the coolant tank. If the tank has enough coolant, then the sensor is bad. You can buy a new tank for about $50 ( or Autozone) and replace it in an hour or so. Or just disconnect the cable from the sensor and check your coolant level on a regular basis.

The 2004 Chevrolet Malibu coolant sensor float is located in the radiator. The coolant sensor float replace the level of coolant to the instrument panel.

If you mean for Coolant level sensor it is on the bottom of the plastic coolant dish on the passenger side of the car.

It should be located in the coolant overflow resivoir.

Coolant level low or level sensor malfunction.Coolant level low or level sensor malfunction.

Check coolant level in recovery tank Perhaps a bad sensor. Sensor located in coolant recovery tank

The coolant level sensor on a 2.4 L is under front of the coolant reservoir towards the engine. It has a 2-wire connector on it.

The low coolant level sensor is located in the top of the coolant reservoir o n the drivers side behind the battery

check/replace the engine coolant level sensor located in the engine coolant overflow reservior (located at the rear of the engine compartment pass. side)

The low coolant sensor is located in the side of the radiator. It can be unplugged but then how will you know it is low.

The coolant level sensor is located in the coolant reservoir tank. It should just screw or press in. Unplug it, remove it and put a new one in.

No, the electric cooling fans turn on and off by a signal from the coolant temp sensor. The coolant level sensor only illuminates the low coolant light when you are low on coolant.

AnswerCoolant LEVEL sensor - Located on the bottom of the coolant reservoir.You can see two wire connector protruding towards the fender-side.It is built into the reservoir tank bottom so whole unit gets replaced.See "Related Questions" below for the location of the engine cooling fan sensor and the temperature gauge sending unit/sensor.

Level SensorThe coolant level sensor is known to fail in that the magnet attached to the sensor comes loose and falls to the bottom.These are not repairable, and will require either black tape over the warning light with vigilant monitoring of the levels by you, or replace the tank.See "Related Links" below for moreDisconnect the Sensor approach...The coolant sensor is located in the coolant reservoir bottle. It cannot be serviced, you can only replace the reservoir. However, if just the sensor is bad, you can also try unplugging the sensor at the coolant reservoir bottle. Unscrew the two screws holding the reservoir bottle in place. With the bottle loose, tilt the bottle slightly toward you until you see wiring coming out of the reservoir bottle, that will be the wiring for the sensor plug. Unplug the sensor plug, and reattach the reservoir bottle. The Low Coolant light will not come on anymore, but you will now need to keep tabs on the antifreeze fluid level in the reservoir by occasionally checkingthe fluid level.usually located at rear of the radiator near top--

Normally in the coolant reservoir recovery tank. If you have the supercharged model it is located on the radiator beneath the filler cap and oil cooler lines.

The sensor is located in the bottom of the surge tank and will require replacement if faulty.

What type of coolant sensor? The below answer is for the coolant LEVEL sensor. The coolant TEMPERATURE sensor on my vehicle is located just next to the thermostat housing. On the front top center area of the engine just behind the radiator. Follow the coolant hoses if you have trouble. On my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee the sensor is located on the top of the plastic coolant reservoir tank. Look for a small (2-wire?) electrical connector.

it is located on the rear of the power steering unit next to the two coolant hoses on the plastic water housing

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