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The crank position sensor on a 1993-1997 intrepid with the 3.5 liter is located on the passenger side of the transmission bell housing ( top ) breeze to change and usally fixes the cold starting issue with these automobiles ( usally ) for $40 or less it is worth a try!!!!!

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Q: Where is the crank sensor for a 1994 Intrepid 3 5LT?
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Answer noisy tappets VLdepends on the model some can be done at home with a torqe rench but others can be a bigger pain. Try doing a oil change i recomend the CASTROL GTX3 15w/40 engine oil 5lt under $30 along with the ryco oil filter (for a 1986 VL part number z145a $5) and a bottle of oil flush under $20 as the noise can also be from lack of service or the oil being to thick. drain the oilFollow oil flush directionschange filterPUT SUMP PLUG INfill with oildo this after 5,000ks do it again then after another 5,000 do it again then your tappets should be clean and lubricated enough to adjust them self.for more friendly advice go to your local Holden dealership with a workshop they will give you all the info to do it yourself.

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This answer applies to a 2005 Vectra with 3.2Lt V6 engine. The oil filter is on the front of the engine near the exhaust manifold and close to the radiator. It is a fixed canister type with a removeable lid which has a hex shaped head in the middle of it. Use a 15/16" socket to unscrew the lid. It unscrews anti clockwise (ie, it has a normal thread). Use a large flat container or plenty of paper on the ground under the car to catch the oil which will spill out of the oil filter. Once it is unscrewed, withdraw the filter lid complete with attached filter cartridge. Replace the filter cartridge making sure it snaps into place on the lid. Replace the rubber O-ring making sure it goes back onto the correct ring on the lid. Carefully position the lid and attached filter cartridge back into the cannister body - its more easily done by entering from under the car. Screw the lid back onto the cannister and tighten. Change the engine oil at the same time. To do this you'll need 5Lt of good quality 10W-50 engine oil and a torx-tip socket to open the sump plug. Safety notes: - Never work under a car which is on a car jack or on unstable ground. - Make sure the handbrake is on and at least one wheel is chocked. - Beware of touching the exhaust pipe when it is hot - it can cause a nasty burn. - Beware of hot oil which can also cause a nasty burn. - If your skin is sensitive to engine oil, wear rubber gloves.

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From my experience with ford and holden to say a faulty map would only mean that after power is remove from system (battery) for more than 10 seconds this allows the ecu to dump its memory (map) and on first start up a procedure can be used like holden first start take revs to somewhere around 2500 and with attention to keeping the accelerator pedal position still at all times as once the revs level at 2400 2700 and keeping accelerator still you will notice the revs and even the timing alter a number of times the will sound tighter or loser as the ecu reads sensors and maps (tunes) the engine this is normally 60 sec in the manual i allways let 1min30sec go by OR the car will remap itself over the next 100klm or as written in manual THIS should be done after any parts replaced or repairs have been done as the ecu will not igknowlege this untill after this procedure or driving 100klm at wich point a lot of people wonder why its not much different and tinker again only to give change for the ecu to detect I recommend to know the first start procedure as you know the car has new parts from performance and smooth idle MAKE sure to have your coded radio code first you will need to enter this I recommend anyone doing their own work buy a workshop manual like Ellery,s or such you need it even to set idle my 5lt ford you unplug one loom of intake certain size feeler gauge behind adjuster screw set 750rpm when hot then turn off replace plug and done idle set for the ecu to manage and how to check sensors and sender units I hope this helps some one even after a dead/ flat battery this will make idle smooth again Darren

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