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Where is the crankshaft sensor on a Jeep Liberty?

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2010-09-24 11:36:39

Crank sensor is on passenger side, bottom rear of engine block

just before bellhousing. Accesible BUT Removal may be difficult if

it is the original - corrosion and hardening of the o-ring on the

plastic sensor body freeze it in place. This is a $20 part that can

cost thousands to replace! This is a job that should go to a dealer

- before the car is rendered inoperable . The sensor may break off

at the block. It has a magnet on the end that sits a fraction of an

inch away from a steel timing wheel mounted on the crankshaft.

Don't waste a lot of time trying to extract it in one piece - you

cannot. I doubt that a dealer would guarantee a low flat rate price

on this job - it could take 10 minutes, or ten hours. If it breaks

as mine did - Now you need a tow too! Get a piece of 1/4 steel rod

, hold it with a vise grip and heat it red hot with a torch. This

will be like a drill. Press it into the plastic ( it melts ) as

deep as you can and make a couple of holes this way. Now break up

the plastic part with a punch and bent needle nose pliers so that

the metal sensor is loose enough to pull out . Careful - we do not

want the large magnet metal part to fall into the engine now that

it can wiggle past the timing wheel on the crankshaft! Then we have

to lower the oil pan to fish it out. You do not have to remove the

pan unless you want to - but the clearance needed to do that

requires lifting the engine. Which the dealer may charge you for if

you need to tow the car in.

Crank sensor is above oil pan , rear , passenger side. Plastic part

breaks easily.

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