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their legs

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Q: Where is the crickets ears?
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Why do crickets have ears?

so that they can hear the predetors

Why crickets ears are on their knee?

Because they can. Why does it matter to you?(:

Whare are a crickets ears found?

They have ears on their "knees" or where they bend their hind legs.

What does a crickets ears look like?

A crickets ears are two small white dots found one on each leg near the bend of the knee.

What part of its body is a crickets ears located?


Which is the animal or insect having ears at its front leg?

The insect that has ears on its front legs are crickets.

What is weird about a crickets ears?

A cricket's ears are on its front legs, just below the knees and they have four acoustic inputs.

Where can ears on a cricket be found?

Crickets (and other insects) do not have ears. They have a membrane on the exoskeleton on each side of the head equivalent to an eardrum.

What part of the body are the ears of long horned grasshoppers and crickets?

in the front legs

Do grasshoppers have ears on their stomach?

for humans its on the sides of the head but for crickets its in their legs and for the grasshoppers its in their stomach!!!

Which insect has eyes in its knees?

There are no insects with eyes on their knees. However, there are many kinds of insects with ears on their knees. Some examples include crickets and grasshoppers.

Who do crickets hear?

The chirp is made by rubbing their left forewing against their right forewing.