Where is the drl main relay location in Toyota Echo 2001 is it possible to disable drl from the relay no 5 under hood?

drl main relay location at left side of the dash panel , you can not disable drl from relay No. 5 , I will tell you how to disable drl Toyota echo . first you pull out toward you the dash panel cover , it will come out easy , you will find at left side of panel two small boxes fixed on a bar , first one is red door lock/ unlock relay , you have to loose from bar to reach the second one which is black , that black one is drl main relay , only you have to take out harrness and no drl any more but in this case your parking brake lights will not go on if you use park brake , another way you can cut the red wire in harness pin 12 and return back harness to relay , your parking brake light will be working only you disable drl , hope you understand ?