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Where is the flasher unit on a 2001 Volvo S40?


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2009-02-02 17:59:59
2009-02-02 17:59:59

The flasher is integrated with the hazard flasher switch All of the online research that I have done suggests that the flasher is located somewhere under the ashtray in the middle of the console. I will let you know when I find mine.......Sean Laird


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The timing marks on your 2001 Volvo S40 can be found on the outside of the main pulley. The timing marks will be scattered around the edge of the pulley.

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== == This is a link to the 2001 Volvo S40 Operation and Care Manual: It may require you to register.

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The vast majority of the time it is a defective Flasher Relay. Replace it.

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