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Where is the fuel pump in a 1995 Plymouth Neon Sport?


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2007-03-09 07:29:55
2007-03-09 07:29:55

In the fuel tank. Jack up the passenger side of the vehicle as much as possible depending on the amount of gas in the tank. Look under the vehicle next to the passenger rear wheel up next to the fuel tank. You will see the fuel filter and the fuel pump attached to the fuel tank. Make sure before disconnecting any hoses the system is purged. You can purge it by releasing the pressure on the fuel rail this can be accomplished by pressing in the valve watch out though it could have lots of pressure on it. Once purged disconnect all high pressure hoses going to the side of the fuel tank attaching to a plastic fuel pump. Take a screw driver and a hammer and tap the ring surrounding the fuel pump into a circle until it releases the pump once its released pull it out of the tank and prep the new one to go in.You will have to remove the tank to get the pump out.


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The fuel pump in the 1998 Plymouth neon is located inside the gas tank.

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Underneath the car near the gas tank on the passenger side.

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Yes . Some modification may be needed basically for fuel and air intake.

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