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In the gas tank, where GM puts them on nearly all fuel-injected cars. You'll probably have to drop the gas tank out to change it since GM couldn't afford the $5 to leave an access hole over the tank. You may not need to drop the tank. My 2002 fuel pump was located on the top side of the gas tank and yes, there was a $5 access panel. My quote from the shop to do this - $500.00. My cost to do the work myself was ~$100.00 and a few hours of my time. I can also vouch that on my 2002 Impala LS, the fuel pump is accessible through a removable panel in the trunk. If you're lucky enough to have an Impala model that has the fold-down rear seats it is simple to determine if you have the removable panel. Simply fold down your rear seats. Next, from inside the car, carefully pull back the trunk liner by slipping it out from under the folded down rear seats. The liner has an overlap near the center of the trunk running backwards toward the spare tire well. The liner overlap is held down by a few dabs of sticky glue. After pulling back the trunk liner, if you see a metal panel that is attached by some nuts, then you are really in luck. Remove the nuts and pry the metal panel up by using a flathead screwdriver or similar device. The panel is also held down by some sticky glue, so pry slowly and carefully by making several passes around the panel so you don't bend it. And viola, the fuel pump is right there! Here is a set of 13 short video clips that generically describe how to replace a fuel pump.

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2009-08-22 04:40:13
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Q: Where is the fuel pump located in a 2002 Chevy Impala?
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