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Inside the case.

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Q: Where is the hard drive on a computer?
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What does the computer hard drive do?

What does the computer hard drive do?

What is hard drive on a computer?

The hard drive is the amount of memory that your computer has.

Is a genome like a computer hard drive or a computer screen?

hard drive on the computer, it does the programming

The hard drive in the computer is usually?

The first hard drive in the computer is usually designated is Drive C:.

How do you download music from the computer to your hard drive?

If you have music on the computer, it is already on the hard drive, everything that is on your windows operation system is on the hard drive.

What is the data hard drive?

The data hard drive or just hard drive is where all your programs are stored when your computer is shut down. Every progam you see on your computer is stored on the hard drive. That's why the bigger the hard drive the more programs you can put on your computer.

What does hard drive stand for?

hard drive is a computer storage

What is the first hard drive in a computer?

Hard Drive E

How do you cleanup hard drive on computer?

You can have a professional do that, or depending on what kind of computer you have, you can defragment your hard drive.

Can a computer use another used hard drive?

no and yes it has an hard drive in the computer but also using a usb

When a computer is turned off what happens to the data on a Hard Drive?

The data is saved on the hard drive. It is available to access the next time you turn on your computer. The hard drive is a permanent storage device for your computer.

In what part of the computer is the external hard drive located?

Actually, the external hard drive is not located in the computer. It is an external hard drive, which means it is on the outside of the computer. It is plugged into the computer's USB port with a cord.

What is a hard drive or hard disk drive?

A hard drive is the main component that the computer relies on. On the hard drive, the operating system is stored, also includes your pictures, videos, music, documents, etc. No operating system on hard drive? The computer will not work.

What is the use of the hard drive in the computer?

Information is written, and read from the hard drive.

What does a hard drive connect to in a computer?

Usually, the hard drive connects to the motherboard.

What is an c drive?

C: drive is the main hard drive on your computer. Hard drives are identified by letter, with C: being reserved for the first bootable drive in a computer.

What is a internal and external hard drive?

A hard drive on a computer is the part that stores all of your saved data. The difference between internal and external hard drives is that an internal hard drive is inside the casing of your computer and an external hard drive is on the outside.

What is a hard drive referred to as?

a hard drive is hardware (stuff built into a computer). the hard drive is a disk that stores a massive amout of computer memory. my computer hold 140 gigs of memory. so in other words a hard drive is just one amazing disk.

What happens if you try to start a computer with no hard drive?

If you try and start a computer with no hard drive then you cant save stuff

How many gigabytes can a computer hold?

It depends on the hard drive. A computer can hold as many gigabytes as its hard drive can handle.

How do you copy your hard drive to an external hard drive?

---- # go to "my computer" # browse to your external hard drive # then open another "my computer" window # drag and drop the file(s) you want to the window displaying the external hard drive. ----

Which drive is the top level of a computer hard drive?

c drive

Part of the computer in which the computer remembers software'?

The hard drive. this is usually the C drive.

Can you add a hard drive to your existing hard drive?

yes if you have enough room in your computer.

What is the role of hard disk drive?

the role of the hard drive it holds everything for your computer.