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Developed countries, excluding the USA, have universally high populations of atheists, usually between 50 and 90 percent of the population. The highest populations of atheists are found in Scandanavia.

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2008-07-13 17:50:07
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Q: Where is the highest population of atheists?
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Who has the highest suicide rates atheists or theists?

By far religious people commit suicide moe than atheists.

What philosophy do most atheists adhere to?

If by "most atheists", you are referring to the entire world, the population of atheists in China dwarfs the rest of the world's atheist population. Most Chinese Atheists adhere to a combination of Confucian and Materialistic philosophical principles.If by "most atheists", you are referring to Western Atheists, such as those in Europe and Anglo-America, these Atheists adhere to Rationalist Skepticism or Humanism as philosophical principles.

Are atheists good people?

There are atheists who are "bad people" and then there are atheists who are "good people", just like with any population. All atheists are not the same just like all Christians are not the same.

What percentage of the population is agnostic?

Which population? Worldwide, Agnostics and Atheists together are about 18% of the adult population.

What states have the highest population?

California has the highest population

What percentage of US population are atheists?

about 8-15% based on the region.

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No, but China has the highest population.

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Asia is the continent with the highest population density, Monaco is the country with the highest population density.

Which independent Asian nation has the highest population density?

India has the highest population density, while China has the highest population.

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