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IR stands for Infra Red, it's an optical port. If your computer has one it will look like a dark red piece of plastic, in fact, it might be so dark that it looks black.

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Q: Where is the ir port located?
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What is a IR-Device for a Game Boy advanced sp?

The IR refers to a infrared communication port thats located at the top of the old gameboy colors.

Where is the ir port on a dell latitutde d830?

There is no IrDA port on D830.

Where is the computer IR port located on a computer?

the ir port on a computer looks like a small smoked glass window a lot of lap tops have these but they might not have infrared installed if you go to control panel you should see if you have it installedSome computers will have an IR controller integrated in to the motherboard, but not the actual IR port. The computer will still think that you have an IR port and therefor it will display it as an option for communication. If this is the case, you should be able to buy an IR port and install it on your computer.Infared networking was typically used to create wireless networks in offices and required line of sight to the IR hub (typically mounted on a ceiling). It has been replaced by the 802.11 standard in favor of its larger bandwidth, ease of implementation and its ability to transmit through objects.

How do you disable the Vista Home Premium IR port?

Go in the device manager, locate ir port, double click on, in the "Device usage" choose "Do not use this device".

How does the IR port in the mobile device communicate with the computer?

Essentially IR port on PDAs or a computer is a serial port with physical connection in form of Infrared light instead of electrical wires. These ports have infrared LED transmitter and Infrared photo diode receivers. You have to have IR built-in to your computer or you have to buy an adapter for it

Will an infrared port pick up bluetooth?

No, infrared port uses IR radiation and bluetooth uses radio frequency radiation.

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What is an IR port?

An IR port is a port which sends and receives infrared signals from other devices. It is a wireless type port with a limited range of 5-10ft. You can buy it as a USB device or you can buy it as an add-on to your motherboard. I have one that communicates with my palm pilot so I don't have to dock it just to deal my email/schedule. Very handy and pretty inexpensive, 10-25$.

Where is the IR port situated on a computer?

Most computers don't have IR ports anymore, but older laptops usually had them on the side. Desktop computers had them on the front. They will be somewhere on the computer where you would expect them to be visible in a normal home setup, since IR transmitions require line-of-sight. So they won't be on the back of the computer or anything like that. The IR port will look like a dark redish area of smooth shiny plastic on the case. A cool trick for finding IR ports is to turn out all the lights and get a digital camera or video camera and you will be able to see a white light coming from the IR port. Most digital or video cameras can see infrared (IR) light, even though the human can not. -DJ Craig

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The software drivers on your computer need to be able to receive input from something other than the remote control. Check the website of the video card manufacturer to see if this is possible. If the drivers are configured properly then the phone and computer will "auto-discover" each other when they are close enough to see each other.

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