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beauty salon

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2011-05-22 19:43:09
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Q: Where is the jumbo sized tissue box in panfu?
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Where is the jumbo sized tissue box for the quest the lost wooby king on panfu?

it is in the san panfu hair salon

Where do you get Jumbo-sized tissues on Panfu?

To find the Jumbo-Sized Tissues on Panfu, you must start the quest, "The Lost Wobbly King" Then talk to the clown, and he will tell you to go find some jumbo-sized tissues. Go to San FranPanfu, then, go the the Beauty Salon by the game "Be Smarter" on the wagon with lots of dot lights, and a question mark (?) on it and on the left. Then, go in to the Beauty Salon, the go to the back of the Beauty Salon, and the table with the two (2) red salon chairs on the right, and on the table, are the Jumbo - Sized Tissue Box on "The Lost Wobbly King Quest On Panfu.

Where is the jumbo box of tissues in panfu for the woobys?

anywhere in the game

Where do you find the tissue box on panfu?

In the beauty saloon

Where is the tissue box in panfu?

It is in the spa place in sanfranpanfu. thanks for asking

Big tissue box for wooblys in panfu?

You go to the beauty salon which is in the San Panuara place (not sure of spelling) and you go to the beauty salon and the tissues are there.

If There are 250 toothpicks in a regular-size box a jumbo -size is made by tripling the lenghtwidthand height of the regular box how many toothpicks will the jumbo box hold?


Where is the big box box of tissues for the woobys in panfu?

It is in the barber (Franpanfu) at the back. You should see it.

Where can you find the big box of tissues for the woobys on panfu?

in the back of the salon

Is a tissue box translucent?

No, unless light shines through your tissue box

What can you get from eating tissue?

a free tissue box

How do you dance like Michael Jackson on panfu?

type pop in the speech box

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