Where is the largest natural harbor in the world?

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kaipara harbor, new zealand


Added by Clay 4.18.10 - I looked for the answer to this question, and found Sydney Harbor, Australia and Kaipara, NZ both listed - each one definitively and each in many different places - as the world's largest natural harbor. Guanabara Bay/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka and Poole Harbor in the southern UK were also listed in various places as largest. First, I will specify that here I am seeking the physically largest natural harbor, not the one which carries the most traffic (whether measured by vessel number or tonnage, or value of cargo, or whatever).

It is amazing to me that, given the many candidates and widespread uncertainty of even the answer to "Which one is the #1 largest?", there seem to be literally dozens of places claiming the title to second- or third-largest - Among them are Halifax, Nova Scotia; Cork, Ireland; Hampton Roads, VA, USA; Falmouth, Cornwall, UK; Cartagena, Colombia; Kingston, Jamaica; Freetown, Sierra Leone, ad infinitum.

One aspect of the difficulty here is the scarcity of information setting out the size of all the various candidates, measured in square miles (or km). Also, even where such measurements are available, comparing them is risky, as the length of any coastline (and thus size of any harbor) depends on how finely one measures the curves and irregularities - coastlines are fractal, after all!

So, I decided to do a bit of homespun research - I went to Google Maps and compared the candidates! I knew to make certain that the maps were scaled alike, but I anticipated real trouble trying to compare the areas of oddly-shaped bays, inlets and harbors. But, as it turned out, the winner seems to be so far ahead of all the other candidates that it's not even close enough for this problem to arise.

Only Kaipara is even close to the winner, and it has ... issues. Most of it is apparently only 'harbor' at high tide, and the rest of the time it's mostly mudflat cut by streambeds. Plus, so many shifting sandbars at the entrance that it's called the graveyard of NZ. So yes, Kaipara is a harbor, and it looks to be the second-largest in area, but I have serious doubts about the 'harbor' nature of a place which is as much a wetland as a bay.

The winner that I can find, judging by satellite imagery, is San Francisco Bay. What numbers exist seem to agree - It's listed as 250 square miles, while Kaipara Harbor is listed as 149 square miles, and that's presumably at high tide. (nope, it's 366sqm at high tide and 158sqm at low tide - matthk) San Francisco Bay wins not merely by a country mile, but by a hundred and one square miles!


Above is the URL linking to four screen grabs, each with a pair of satellite shots, comparing San Francisco Bay respectively to Kaipara Bay, Sydney Harbour / Port Jackson, Poole Harbour, UK, and Trincomalee Sri Lanka. The scales for each pair of maps are either identical or, where they are not, the discrepancy is in favor of the 'contender' (the non-San Francisco one). (I don't see quite how to make a link here, but I'll try.) Measured at the same scale, most of these other contenders are barely visible, while San Francisco Bay is immense.

Incidentally, a truly astounding historical factoid about San Francisco Bay (until shown otherwise, hereafter I'm calling it the largest natural harbor on Earth). (Non-native) mariners of all descriptions sailed up and down the entire coast of California for more than two hundred years before anyone even found this treasure, this two hundred and fifty square miles of safe anchorage! Sir Francis Drake (in his pre-Sir days) actually spent the entire winter of 1579 on a beach at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais, and none of his party ever bothered to climb up and see the entire bay spread out there on the other side. Nonetheless, no Western ship is known to have sailed through the Golden Gate into the Bay until 1775 - The first group of Bay settlers arrived exactly one week before July 4, 1776. (See Assembling California or Annals of the Former World by John McPhee.) This failure to find the Golden Gate in two hundred years of looking is, admittedly, somewhat easier to believe once you've seen the fog there ... But still, I find it pretty amazing.
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What are the largest natural lakes in the world?

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Australias largest natural lake?

Australia's largest natural lake is known is Lake Eyre. It is innorthern South Australia and measures 144 kilometers long and 77kilometers wide.

Where are the worlds natural harbors?

The three best natural harbors in the world are in London, New York City, and Hong Kong. (It is no coincidence that these cities are some of the biggest and most prosperous in the world.)

Largest natural harbor?

Largest natural harbours are;. Sydney Harbour (Aust).......largest. Halifax Harbour (Can)......2nd largest. Falmouth (UK) .....3rd largest

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Lake superior in Chicago . Lake Superior is 82,100 km2 of this 28,749 km2 lies in Canada. It is 563 km long and 257 km wide and 406 meters deep at its deepest.

Why more natural harbors in western India?

A natural harbor is a landform where a part of a body of water is protected and deep enough to furnish anchorage. Having a protected harbour reduces or eliminates. The use of breakwaters as it will result in calmer waves inside the harbour.So India has natral harbours in western side.

Where is the largest natural port in the world?

Vizhinjam Port in Trivandrum, Kerala. . Proposed project aims to fulfill the need of providing Transshipment on Indian Coast (at present there is no existing Container Transshipment Terminal in India to cater to this need. Annual Container Traffic close to 4 Million TEUs is currently originating ( Full Answer )

Where is the biggest harbor in the world?

The largest artificially created harbor is in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Various places lay claim to the largest natural harbour, including Poole (UK), Cork (Ireland) and Halifax (Canada).

What are the top ten largest natural harbors?

Don't know if I can name ten but here goes:. 1-Sydney, Australia; 2-Hong Kong, China; 3-Singapore, Malaya; 4-Alexandria, Egypt;. 5-Scapa Flow, England; 6-Amsterdam, Netherlands; 7-Archangel, Russia;. 8-Halifax, Canada; 9-Baltimore, USA; 10-Stockholm, Sweden. Not necessarily in that. order. Also ( Full Answer )

What is the largest natural satellite?

Earth's largest natural satellite is the Moon. The Solar System's (and the largest known so far) is Ganymede also with the highest mass of any of them, moon of Jupiter. It's Larger than Mercury! This is followed in a close second by Titan with the thickest atmosphere and methane rainfall one of Satu ( Full Answer )

Which is the largest natural water fall in the world?

Angel Falls in Venezuela is the world's highest waterfall at 979 m (3,212 ft). Inga Falls in the Congo has the largest volume of water passing over it. the link below is a good place to look for more information.

Which is the natural harbor in India?

Mumbai, (biggest ) marmugao (goa) tuticorin (tamilnadu ) kochi and vizhinjam (kerala) visakapatnam ( largest natural harbour ) these are natural harbours in india

Second largest natural satellite?

Titan has a diameter roughly 50% larger than Earth's moon and is 80% more massive. It is the second-largest moon in the Solar System, after Jupiter's moon Ganymede, and it is larger by volume than the smallest planet, Mercury, although only half as massive

What is the largest natural producer of CO2?

The oceans are the very clear winner of the largest producer of CO2 Gases then decaying Leaves then animal then volcanoes then humans and human related machines / factories etc.

What is the largest natural enclosed space?

Sarawak Chamber. ) -- The largest known natural enclosed space in the world which is about 2,300 feet long, 1,300 feet wide and at least 230 feet high ..

What is the deepest harbor in the world?

correction on anothers answer to worlds 2nd deepest harbour in the word, but the 2nd deepest id Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada, where i live now,,James Edwards . World's Deepest Harbour is in Pago Pago, American Samoa

What is the semi natural harbor?

It requires artificial or manmade protection for entrance Visakhapatnam is an example of semi natural harbor.

What are the largest natural lakes in the world and which country?

If the Caspian Sea in Russia is not considered as the largest lake but the smallest Sea then: The Two largest lakes are in North America : Michigan/Huron and Superior (USA/Canada)zperiodz The next two are in Africa: Victoria (Uganda/Kenya/Tanzania) and Tanganyika (Burundi/Tanzania)zperiodz Baikal (R ( Full Answer )

Is Charleston Harbor one of the largest harbors?

Depends on definition. A harbor is a place where boats can anchor, usually part of a bay. The Charleston Harbor is 17 square miles. By comparison, the San Francisco Bay -- depending on what you count -- is between 400 - 1600 square miles. Boats can anchor almost anywhere in the San Francisco Bay... ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between natural harbor and artificial harbor?

A natural harbor is a landform at the junction between land and a water body, where a part of a body of water is protected and deep enough to furnish anchorage. Whereas, Artificial harbors are frequently built and maintained in order to use them as ports. Artificial harbors are constructed where the ( Full Answer )

What are the world's 10 best natural harbors?

There are many natural harbors in the world. Ten natural harborsare: Poole Harbor, New York Harbor, Sydney Harbor, San FranciscoBay, Grand Harbor, Halifax Harbor, Killybegs, Pearl Harbor, SubicBay and Kingston Harbor.

How did Pearl Harbor change the world?

Pearl Harbor brought the United States into World War II. It also brought the United States out of the Great Depression as the nation put many people back to work for the war effort. It also changed how Americans thought of the Japanese, and it provoked the dropping of atomic bombs onto Hiroshima an ( Full Answer )

Who is nature harbor in India?

Colachel harbour is a natural harbour in kanyakumari district in tamilnadu. It is located 20 kilometers away from nagercoil. It is the natural harbour in ancient travancore kingdom. ₯*0m0m0d0d0g0h0m0o0*

What Belgium's busiest and largest harbor?

Belgium's busiest and largest harbour is Antwerp, which is Europe's second busiest port. Only slightly less busy is Bruges-Zeebrugge which may now be among the top 5 ports of Europe.

What is the windiest harbor in the world?

I heard it was in New Zealand. I could be wrong, but apparently I work at the second (or first, according to a few different sites) harbor in the world which is Ma'alaea Harbor on Maui, Hawaii. It is definitely windy constantly so I wouldn't doubt it.

What is the largest harbor in Sri Lanka?

The largest harbor in Sri Lanka is Colombo and the port in Hambanthota takes second place. Trincomalee harbor, which takes the third place, is widely known as the fifth largest natural harbor in the world.

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What is natural harbor?

A natural harbour is an inlet of the sea, in which boats and shipsmay safely shelter.