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On the volcano next to the sign that takes you to the castle

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Q: Where is the lava plant on Panfu?
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WERE DO you get the lava stone in panfu?

In the volcano, but i don't know where.

Where on panfu is the green plant where on panfu is the green plant?

in the eerie forest

Where is the baya plant in Panfu?

in the jungle

Where is the chilli plant on panfu?

on the volcano

Where is the rare Baya plant in Panfu?

in the jungle add me scddaty on panfu and scddaty on moshi monsters

Where is the baya plant in the jungle on panfu?

in the jungel

Where in the jungle is the baya plant on Panfu?

in the jungle

Which plant is the one for confuized minds on panfu?

its the green plant near the mud :)

Where can you find therainbow plant on panfu?

in the caribbeain beach

Where is the special plant for the man in the pont stables on panfu?

in the jungle

How do you get the water to water the plant on Panfu?

you throw water bombs at it!

Where is the star plant thing on Panfu?

At the beach next to the forest