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Where is the map sensor on an 89 turbo 2.5 LeBaron?


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2008-08-29 05:19:25
2008-08-29 05:19:25

The MAP sensor is located on the passenger's side strut tower. There is a solenoid connected to it by a short piece of hose, and a hose runs from that solenoid to the intake. The MAP sensor will have a 3-pin electrical connector on it.


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under the hood back to firewall on passenger side. got three prongs plug and if its stock it will say manufacture"Denso Map Sensor 5V" on it, keep in mind map sensor rarely fail, to replace one it will cost you 200.00 bucks. if you going to replace one, i recommend you go to the junk yard and pay 25-50 bucks for one and try it out. if you check engine light is on and that is one of the reason your thinking replacing Map sensor better think again, you got others sensor may be causing the light to trigger on.

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The turbo is a T-25 .... comes on the gs-t and gsx

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