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In a dictionary.

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What is the literal meaning of a word?

The literal meaning is the definition found in the dictionary.

A word similar in meaning to found?


A word that has no meaning?

I can’t think of any in English. Maybe found Tauriun?

Find two words that are closest in meaning?

me and in (words found in the word meaning).

Which word is similar in meaning with found?

encountered, discovered

What is the English word for marathi word utarne?

There is the name Utame found in Marathi but there is no translation found for an English meaning.

What is the orgin of the word geography?

The word is found in both Latin and Greek meaning ' a description of the Earth's surface. From 'ge' meaning 'earth' and graphia meaning 'description'

Meaning of mah jongg?

The meaning of the word majong is "sparrow". The complete history can be found at the link below.

What does kooora mean?

These is no meaning found for the word "kooora" in the English language or the dictionary. Perhaps the word "Kooora" is misspelled or just not found on the Internet.

Usually found in a dictionary this tells you the meaning of a word or phrase?


What is the meaning of droors?

The word "droor" is not found in numerous Dictionaries or Encyclopedia..

What is the meaning of the root word 'liber'?

Liber is a Latin word meaning 'free' or 'unrestrained'; it can be found in English words such as liberty, liberate, and Libertarian.

The meaning of word Qurbac?

it is another word for a naked molerat found in the outer mongolian state of Quaraki

What word has the same meaning in every country?

Okay. It is the only word found in every living language.

What is the biblical meaning of frankincense?

The word 'frankincense' can be found in Matthew chapter two, verse eleven. In that context, the word frankincense translates into the word 'libanos', meaning the frankincense tree, or, the perfume.

What is the meaning of the word ascertained?

The meaning of the word ascertained is finding out something for sure. When someone has found out new information about something or someone, they are said to have ascertained that information.

What is the meaning of the word Boyakina?

"Boyakina" is a seldom Russian name, found in Siberia.

What is the meaning of precification?

There is no such word as precification. The closest word found is prespecification which means an assessment of requirements.

What is the prefix for the word monotone?

The prefix is the beginning of a word, with a distinct meaning on it's own, usually found in other words. In this case, it's "mono," meaning one.

What is the meaning of the word bubbler?

The meaning and definition of the word bubbler is a drinking fountain, these can be found everywhere from library's, schools and shopping centres. Also is a free source of water.

Archimedes exclaimed this word meaning you found it?

The story goes Archamedes , when he discovered the weight of the crown, ran on the streets of Athens naked shouting EUREKA EUREKA. meaning I have found it.

What is the meaning of the word prit?

There is no "prit" in the English dictionary. The closest word is "pritt", which is a bran of adhesives. This is usually found in tape, kids art, and fixing products. Another meaning of the word prit is ugly.

What does the English word 'devotion' mean?

Whole-heartedness is a meaning of the word 'devotion'. That also is a good synonym. Perhaps the next best meaning and synonym may be found in the word 'ardor'.

What is the meaning of the French word trouverent in English?

ils / elles trouvèrent : they found

What is the meaning of the word meaning?

'MEANING' in other words can be the 'vocabulary' of a word or the 'essence' of the word as to what the word precisely means. OR meaning is the meaning of meaning what you just said meaning