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Where is the most temperate state in the US?

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Colorado. About 100 in the summer. About 20 in the winter.

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Is central part of the US made mostly of rain forest or temperate grassland?

There are temperate rain forests in the US, for example the Olympic National Forest in Washington State, however the central part of the US is temperate grasslands.

Does most of the US have a temperate climate?

No. Climate varies depending on location.

What state is the most popular state in the US?

Califonia is the most popular state in the US

Is There another state with the climate as Delaware?

Yes. Delaware is a temperate state. Most of the middle colonies have the same climate as Delaware.

Where do turkey's live?

Turkeys are commonly found throughout the US and most temperate areas.

What US state can a person visit a temperate rain forest?

California and the east coast all the way to the center of the country is also temperate rain forest. answered by Draven_Sanders

Which US state has the most sheep?

Texas is the US State with the most sheep.

Which state is most southern of the US?

The state which is most southern of the US is Hawaii.

What is the most southern state in us?

The most southern connected US state is Florida; the most southern of the US is Hawaii.

Which state is most eastern state in the US?

Alaska is actually the most eastern state of the US.

Where do find deciduous trees?

In temperate deciduous forests, such as New York State and many other parts of the US.

Which US state contains the most volcanoes?

Alaska is the US state with the most volcanoes.

Why do people consider the US climate zone temperate?

It has to do with the globe, not with the US. The US is in the earth's 'temperate zone'. In the northern hemisphere, the Temperate Zone is north of the Tropic of Cancer and south of the Arctic Circle.

What is the coldest state in the US?

The coldest state in the US is Alaska. It is the most northern US state.

What is the fifth most popular state in the US?

The fifth most populous state in the US is Illinois. The ffith most visited state in the US is most likely either Pennsylvania or Massachusetts.

Does American black bear live in temperate zone?

yes, the temperate zone is north of the subtropical zone and includes most of the US and Canada, where black bears are common.

What state has the most dogs in the US?

the state with the most dogs

Which is the most populous US state?

California is the most populous US state with a population of 36,756,666.

Where is the temperate forest located in the US?

The temperate forest ,in the united states, covers the entire East coast except for the tip of Florida. In most places it ends at the Mississippi River.

What tropic does the US lie above?

ALL of the US lies in the North Temperate Zone, EXCEPT:-- the State of Hawaii is in the Tropic Zone-- a small northern strip of the State of Alaska is in the North Polar Zone.

What US state is most populated by density?

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the US.

What is the most northern state?

Alaska is the most northern state of the US.

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