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Q: Where is the music button on a ykf-z18a01 remote?
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How do you unlock sinotec 54Cm TV?

Press and hold the MUSIC button on the remote control

How do you connect extra Wii remotes on Wii Music?

You sync them by opening up the back of the Wii remote's battery pack and you'll see a red button. Next open up the memory card slot on the Wii and you'll see a similar red button. Hold down the button on the Wii remote as you do it with the Wii (simultaneously) for 10-15 seconds. Repeat as nessacary for each Wii remote.

What button is the input button on the toshiba tv remote control model number 2812DB?

The button just above green square on the bottom of remote.

Where is the Z button on the Wii Remote?

There is not a z button on the wii remote but there is one on the external controller nunchuk right at the front of it next to the C button

What is a code search button?

a button on your emerson remote control

Where is the Q button and the E button on the wii remote?

There is none.

How do you program the Xbox 360 remote?

press little button on the xbox then on the same little button on remote shows it on instructions

How do you power on your Wii?

Press the power button on the console, or if you have a Wii Remote connected to the console, the power button on the remote. The power button on the console is located to the top-left of the disk slot, and above the D-Pad on the remote.

How do you clone a garage door remote?

the remotes have an embedded serial number the receiver on the opener has has a button you press to make that remote a part of its friendly list. just push the button on the receiver while pushing the button on the remote

Where is the B button on the wii remote?

it's the trigger button on the bottom.

What is the most used button on a TV remote?

Probably the ON/OFF button.

Where is the BACK button on the wii remote?

In most games, the B button acts as the Back button.