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It's on the left rear of the engine above the axle. You can get to it without ramps if you crank the wheel all the way to the left and shimmy under there. (I could do it and I have a gut.) You reach through and grab onto it with your hand and you can wiggle it loose. If it's too tight or too greasy, use a piece of sandpaper or a rubber kitchen glove for grip. Git-R-Done!

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Q: Where is the oil filter located on a 1999 Honda CR-V?
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How to change Cr-v fuel filter?

How do I change my fuel filter on my 2002 Honda crv? Where is it located at? How do I change my fuel filter on my 2002 Honda crv? Where is it located at?

Where is the fuel pump on a 1999 CRV Honda located?

In the fuel tank.

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 99 Honda CRV?

The Transmission dipstick for a 1999 Honda CRV is located under the hood of the car. It is just below the air intake, and usually has a yellow or red cap.

Replace rear hub and bearing 1999 Honda crv?

how hard is it to replace a rear wheel bearing 1999 Honda crv. this crv does not have rear axle's in it. thank you

Where are auto transmission control valves or sensors located on 1999 Honda crv?

They are located internally in the transmission itself.

How do you change the cabin dust and pollen air filter in a 2005 Honda CRV?

The filter is located behind the glovebox just unclip the filter to remove it

Where is the fuel pump reset switch located in the 2008 Honda crv?

There is no such reset button on your Honda CRV.

Where is the Fuel filter located on a 2001honda crv?


Where is the Oil pressure switch 2000 Honda crv?

driver left of the oil filter on a 2000 crv

Where can you purchase a transmission filter for a 99 crv?

I've never seen a Honda which has a tranny filter. Just a drain plug and that's it. There is no drain pan, therefore you can't take off a drain pan to change the filter (if it had one). I own a 2002 CRV and a 97 accord. You can purchase a filter at any auto parts store, they are about $12.00. And yes the 1999 cr-v does have a filter, it is located on top of tranny.

Where is the keyless entry system located in a 1999 Honda CRV?

Inside Driver's side door, you have to remove the interior panel.

How do you change air filter on 2006 Honda CR-V SE?

How to change air filter on 2006 Honda CRV SE?

For a 1999 Honda CRV where is the main unit for the alarm system located?

== == Try for free downloads of Honda Service Manuals and Diagrams.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 1999 Honda crv?

It is located in the thermostat housing where the lower radiator hose connects to the engine block.

Where is the crankshaft postioning sensor located at?

Honda crv 2002

What is the firing order on the 1999 Honda crv 2.0?

The firing order on the 1999 Honda CRV 2.0 is 1, 3, 4, 2. Cylinder 4 is closest to the passenger space and # 1 is closest to the front of the vehicle.

would a 2004, 2005, Honda CRV rear end differential fit Honda 2007 CRV?

would a 2004, 2005, Honda crv rear end differential fit Honda 2007 crv.

What car uses a PL14610 oil filter?

i know it fits a 2005 honda crv

Where do you check transmission fluid in 1999 Honda CRV?

in the engine in the engine in the engine

Where is the windshield wiper fluid pump on Honda CRV?

The windshield wiper fluid pump on a Honda CRV is found on the drivers side. It is located underneath the wheel well.

Where is the engine air filter located on a 2006 CRV?

The engine air filter on a 2006 Honda CR-V is found underneath the hood. The air box houses the filter. To see it simply remove the air filter box but unscrewing the hardware.

Can you change the fuel filter on 2004 Honda crv without relieving the fuel pressure?


Is the fuse on a Honda crv 1999 the same for tail light as sidelight?

No, they are on seperate circuits.

What is the spark plug gap for a Honda CR-V?

== == for 1999 CRV gap is o.o44

What vehicle uses a STP S6607 Oil Filter?

does oil filter STP s6607xl fit 2010 Lexus IS 250 or 2017 Honda crv

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