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Where is the outside temperature sensor located on a 2000 Mercury Villager?


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2009-10-16 18:02:59
2009-10-16 18:02:59

In the engine compartment


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They had thermometers that were a glass tube with mercury sealed inside. There were temperature markings on the outside of the tube that when the mercury reached that point it showed what the temperature was.

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The kick panels are the things next to your feet on the outside of the car when you are sitting in the front seat.

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The outside temperature sensor on a 2003 Altima is located just behind the front bumper. it is on the passenger side of the vehicle in the undercarriage.

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The advantages of using mercury is to tell what temperature it is outside. Some thermometers have mercury in it. The mercury rises when its hot, and goes down when it's cold.

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where is the outside temp. sensor located on a 1997 cad.deville

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