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I believe it is at the front of the vehicle, just behind the grill. If you open the hood and remove the plastic cover part that allows access to your lights, you should see them mounted near the middle just behind the front grill. On my 1991 it is in the air intake just after the filter. Two wires and a connector. It screws into the plactic.

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Q: Where is the outside temperature sensor on a 1994 Town Car?
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What is a P0073 engine code on a Chrysler Town and Country?

ambient air temperature sensor - tells you the outside temperature

Where is the outside temperature sensor on a 2000 town and country?

On the 2006 models it is just under the front bumper.

Are the ect sensor the same as the cts sensor on a 2001 Chrysler town and country?

The engine coolant temperature sensor and coolant temperature sensor are the same.

Where is coolant temp gauge sensor on 95 town car?

The 1995 Lincoln Town Car coolant temperature gauge sensor can be found on the front of the engine. The coolant temperature sensor will be a few inches above the thermostat housing.

Where is the ambient temperature sensor on the 2000 town car?

On the 2000 town car, the ambient temperature sensor is under the hood. More precisely, behind the grill mounted to the upper radiator support.

Where is the temperature sending unit on a 1994 Lincoln town car?

The temperature sending unit on a 1994 Lincoln Town Car is on the top front of the engine. It is directly in front of the distributor.

Where is the Town and Country outside temp sensor located?

It is in front of the radiator.

Will a 1994 3.8 Chrysler Town and Country Transmission work in a 1998 3.8 Chrysler Town and Country?

No, all of the sensor plugs are different.

Where is the IAT sensor located on a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country 3.8?

The intake air temperature sensor is on the tube between the air cleaner and the throttle body.

Where is the dpfe sensor located on a 1994 Lincoln town car?

the dpfe sensor is at rear of throttle bod.2-4 inches down between throt bod and firewall

How many oxygen sensors on a 1994 Chrysler Town and Country?

It has one oxygen sensor located on the rear exhaust manifold.

Overheating of 1998 Lincoln town car could it be temperature sensor?

Chances are not the temp sensor. It could be a thermostat or a hose that has a leak. And the one you dare not want it to be is a crack head.

What is fault code p0436 for 2001 town car?

Trouble code P0436 means:Catalyst temperature sensor range/performance

Where is the radiator sensor located on a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country 3.3?

The coolant temperature sensor is screwed into the engine, behind where the upper radiator hose attaches. That is the main sensor the computer uses to run the radiator fans.

Where is the outside temp sensor for overhead display located on a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country?

It is behind the front bumper, in front of the radiator.

What diagnostic code is p1193 for Chrysler town and country?

Inlet air temperature sensor circuit high. Check to see that the sensor is plugged in on the hose between the air box and engine.

When was Just Outside of Town created?

Just Outside of Town was created in 1973.

How do you access the climate control sensors for the interior temperature in a 1994 Lincoln Town Car?

remove the top dash pad.

Where is the maf sensor on a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country?

a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country does not have a mass airflow sensor.

2006 town and country touring Chrysler van i need to install an ambient air temperature sensor where is the sensor located on the vehicle?

Should be at the front of the vehicle, usually before the rad, some vehicles the sensor is mounted on the front bumper reinforcement.

How do you set the timing on 1998 Chrysler Town and Country?

You will need to purchase a Haynes manual from one of the parts stores. You have to disconnect the coolant temperature sensor. Set the timing to factory specs and reconnect the sensor.

Why does your 1993 Lincoln Town Car outside air temperature read -40F in 80 degree weather?

Sounds Like The Outside Thermostat Has Went Bad Try Replacing it .....

Why is your 1994 cavalier overheating in town?

If it's overheating only in town, but running fine down the highway, it's probably that your radiator fan isn't coming on. Could be a bad sensor, relay or fan motor.

Where is the mass air flow sensor located on 1994 Lincoln Town Car?

The air filter/cleaner is behind the headlight on the driver's side. The MAF sensor is in the air tube behind the air cleaner with wires coming out of it.

How do you locate the coolant temperature sensor on a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country?

It is just below and behind on the area where the upper radiator hose attaches to the engine.

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