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On the exhaust system. There is more than one.

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Where is the LAF sensor located on a 92 honda civic?

in the catalyc converter... exhaust manifold

The oxygen sensor on a 1999 Honda Civic is located on top of the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is under the car.

where the oil pressure sensor located on 1997 Honda Civic EX 1.6L

All O2 sensors are located somewhere on the exhaust system.

Oxygen sensor is located at the exhuast Manifold.

The 2006 Honda Civic coolant temperature sensor is located on the front of the engine. The coolant temperature sensor will be in the vicinity of the thermostat housing.

The 1995 Honda Civic speed sensor is located on the front passenger wheel. The speed sensor will be found on the inside of the brake rotor.

oxygen sensors are located just forward of your engine. In front of the engine is the catalytic converter. At the top at the bottom are your oxygen sensors.

where is the tdc in my 98 civic ex sedan

The oxygen sensor on a Honda Civic is replaced by disconnecting the wiring harness and removing the sensor using a socket wrench. Anti-seize paste is applied to the threads, a new sensor is torqued into place, and the wires reconnected.

1993 Honda Civic EX's dont have knock sensors.

where is the mass air flow sensor located in the 2003 Honda civic

It is underneath the car, at the exhaust manifold where it comes off the engine...access it from the bottom

it is in the exhaust manifold,or exhaust pipe...

The only thing you can do to them is change them.

i would like a wiring diagram for a Honda civic o2 sensor

Th speed sensor on any 2006 to 2011 honda civic 1/8l is located at the top back of the transmission.

The crank angle sensor is located in the distributor.only in the 94 and 95 Honda accord.

The bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor on a 2002 Honda Accord is located on the header. It is right next to the sensor circuit.