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There are 4 O2 Sensors on the 1997 GMC Jimmy V6 4.3L. All sensors are accessed from bottom. All sensors are mounted on the exhaust. Three of the sensors are on the Bank 1 side of the engine (Passenger side). Sensor 1 Bank 1 is upstream of Y joint on Passenger Side, Sensor 1 Bank 2 is upstream of Y joint on drivers side. Sensor 2 Bank 1 is mounted down stream of Y before Cat Converter on Passenger side. Sensor 3 Bank 1 is downstream of Cat Converter on passenger side.

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Q: Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1997 GMC Jimmy?
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there is one after the cat converter and there is an intake sensor in front of the motor.

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bad cooling sensor or bad connection at cooling sensor.

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typically, they are either before or after the cat converter. there may be multiple, even both before and after.

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Inline with the air duct between the air filter and the throttle body.

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The crankshaft sensor is by the crankshaft pullie (the balancer)

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pull the fuse

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