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The payload of a rocket is usually located in the nose cone.

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What is the payload on a rocket?

spacecraft at the top of the rocket

Why is the mass of the rocket payload so important when launching a rocket to the moon?

The greater the mass of the payload, the more fuel (and more money) it requires to get it into orbit.

What does the payload do in a model rocket?

In most model rockets, the payload usually holds the recovery system.

The payload in a rocket consists of what?

instruments and manned capsules

What is the cargo carried by an airplane or rocket called?


Parts of badminton rocket?

The engines, the fuel tanks and the payload.

What are the components of a rocket?

Propellant Controls - usually tail fins Gyro - keeps rocket on course Payload

What is inside a rocket?

Usually propellant, oxidizer and some form of payload.

Does payload in a model rocket affect it's launch height?

Yes it does; depending on the wind changing. Sometimes a payload will slow it down and sometimes it will guide the rocket in the correct direction giving accuracy and distance.

What changes in payload have rockets had from World War II to the space age?

The V2 rocket, considered the forerunner of all space capable rockets, only had a payload capacity of 2,200 pounds. The Saturn 5 rocket that sent men to the moon had a payload capacity of 260,000 lbs.

How do you fly a rocket with a one pound payload?

You would need a very powerful motor for a one pound payload. -At least an 'F' series.

What is the amount of material the rocket is able to carry into space called?

It is known as the payload.

How much weight can a rocket hold?

Depends on the rocket. They come in very different sizes, from a few ounces to several tons of payload.

Why is the Constellation program going to use rockets instead of something more reusable?

The problem with adding anything extra to a rocket is that ANY extra weight in the design of the rocket SUBTRACTS from the payload you can carry. But the whole point of a rocket is the payload; add too much parasitic weight (as in, anything you add to make it reusable) and pretty soon, your rocket can't make orbit, or hit the target, or do whatever it is that your rocket is supposed to do. The Constellation rockets are designed to be HEAVY LIFT vehicles. You cannot afford to lose any payload capacity.

What is the launch of a rocket?

The launch of a rocket occurs when the engines fire and the thrust produced overcomes the pull of gravity. If thrust exceeds the force necessary to move the payload out of the gravity well of the planetary body from which the rocket was launched, it will pass out of the orbit of the planet. If not, the payload will fall back to the planet on a ballistic path.

What are the parts of a rocket?

The main parts of the rocket are the body tube, engine mount, fins, igniter, launch lub, nose cone, payload, recovery system, and rocket engine.

How much does a rocket cost?

A bottle rocket is available for 5¢. The company Spacex launches rockets with a 1000 pound (453 kg) payload for somewhere between $8 million. A rocket with double the payload would cost you around $9 million. A rocket with 414K pounds (187K kg) of payload would cost around $500M. You should consider looking for refurbished Soviet ICBM, they're probably cheaper. Going to space sure is not cheap.

Where is a rocket's fuel located?

I think in the payload.

What is the end of a rocket called?

A rocket can have two common ends. The top can be the payload or warhead depending on design. The bottom are the rocket thruster(s) which channel the hot gases for propulsion.

What is a nuclear-tipped missiles?

A rocket or unmanned airplane with one or more nuclear warheads as its payload.

What is the main factor in determining the amount of thrust a rocket requires to leave the earths atmosphere?

Payload weight

What is the main factor in determining the amount of thrust a rocket requires to leave the Earth's atmosphere?

Payload weight.

Which country was the Energia rocket invented?

The Energia rocket was a Soviet rocket to serve as a booster for the Buran spacecraft. It was launched only twice with one such launch being deemed a failure when it failed to deliver its payload into orbit.

How do single stage rockets get payload off Earth?

The single-stage rocket can get the payload off earth, but not into space, because there is not enough fuel, and the weight eventually becomes too great. So at some point, the rocket will fall back down to earth. For this reason, most single-stage rockets are missiles.

What was the name of the first rocket the US sent up into space?

The first rocket the US sent up into space was the Jupiter C launch vehicle and its payload was Explorer 1 the first American Satellite.

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