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Q: Where is the rainbow flower on panfu?
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On panfu where do you get the blossom?

Its in the Caribbean beach in panfu! the color of it is like a rainbow! Have fun!

Where is the rainbow plant on Panfu?

the rainbow plant is on the carribbean beach with Lenny

Where do you find the rainbow blossom in Panfu?

you can find the rainbow blossom at the Caribbean beach

Where are the pom poms on panfu?

Somewhere over the rainbow.

How do you get the rainbow tree off Lenny on the beach panfu?

you cant get the a rainbow tree off Lenny silly

How do you get a rainbow bolly on panfu?

It was on a quest a long time ago

Where is the rainbow plant in panfu save the pokopets?

It is on the Caribbean beach.

What are rainbow hearts on panfu?

You can find Rainbow Hearts in where your water ballon is, when your computer mouse is on it. You need to click on the waterballon and then you see the Rainbow with small hearts.

Where is Bruno on Panfu?

There is a bag of flower on the window sill in the restaraunt

Where is the oil for the fish on Panfu?

It is in the Salon, in san franpanfu. It has a picture of a flower on it.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Rain of the Rainbow Flower - 2008?

The cast of The Rain of the Rainbow Flower - 2008 includes: Nifang Huo

How do you finish the quest to save the Pokopets in Panfu?

First click on your map then there a plane click on it go into the plane, the lady says K..a..m..a..r..i..a go to her talk to her the toad slime is in the Eerie Forest then the star flower is at the beach and the rainbow flower is at the Caribbean beach. do the rest yourself now unless your really stuck

What is the iris flower named after?

The flower iris is named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow.

Where do you find blossom rainbow plant in panfu?

Go to the Caribbean beach (where Fred is) and near the surfboards you should see a rainbow coloured plant. Click it and then you have found it. Hope I helped!! :)

What the meaning of the name iris?

Rainbow or flower

What flower was named after the roman goddess of the rainbow?

The iris. The Roman goddess of the rainbow was Iris.

Where is the rainbow flower on webkinz?

it is in the W shop in the category decorations

How the iris get the name?

Iris means rainbow in Greek. The name was given to the goddess of the rainbow, the flower, and the colored part of the eye.

What does the name iris mean?

Iris the flower was named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow.

In Mario Kart DS how do get the rainbow cup?

Beat Mushroom Cup,Flower Cup and Star Cup.The race tracks on Rainbow Cup is Wario Stadium,Peach's Garden,Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road.

What are the results of breeding flower and metal dragons in DragonVale?

Yes it makes a rainbow dragon!

A panfu promotional code?

Sorry, but there is not a Panfu promotional code on Panfu.

What is Panfu all about?

Panfu is a virtual world, and Panfu is a virtual learning world for kids

How do you get on Panfu?

You go on this website or you can just type in panfu i just type in panfu.

Where is the gigantic hairdryer on panfu?

well you talk to eloise and she'll give you a plant and then you give it rainbow hearts and then pick it and give it eloise then she'l put in in a flower bed then you give it rainbow hearts then go and talk to eloise and she'll say its massive and you talk to mannt at the pirate bar and he'll say i need some wood so go to mr horsy then talk to him then get the wood then manny will make a ladder (you don't go on a long walk just go outside and in again) go and click the bell flower and then say something then click on the cloud and hop on the sky. hope it helped ;)